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Have you ever wondered why some people cannot crack a job interview while some find it so easy? Well, there are a lot of factors that come into play during an interview. In this, we will look at the top 10 mistakes people make when attempting to crack a job interview and fail miserably. Avoid these common mistakes and you will definitely have the job you want.

10 Most Common Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Arriving Late

This is obviously the number one mistake anyone can make when applying for a job. If you are called at a certain time, it is probably best that you get there earlier rather than later. Getting there early shows the company that you are punctual and responsible.


Another very common mistake most people make when going for an interview is to wear inappropriate clothing. Dress according to the industry you are planning on joining. If you are still unsure, go safe and wear formals.


When you apply for a job, you must know your credentials and your CV well. Being unsure and fumbling for answers about your previous work will leave doubt in the heads of the employers.


I am sure we have all lied at some point in our lives, but during an interview is not the time to do it. Lying about work experience and your work history is something that should not even cross your mind. You will definitely not get away with it.

Criticizing an Employer

Whether your last job did not give you the satisfaction you thought you could get or not, you should never talk bad about the employer of your previous job. This will give the interviewer an impression that it is difficult to please you.

Criticizing the Interviewing Company

There are some companies that ask the candidate if they see any way the company can improve itself. If you are smart enough you will say no or give one or two suggestions and put it across politely. It is not smart to show the interviewer that you know more than him.

Being Unnatural

This is something most people struggle with. When they are asked something, the candidate answers robotically. There is no life in their interview. It is important to be open and honest during the interview. This will show the interviewer that you are comfortable with the environment.

Being Rude

Being confident during an interview is something very important but over confidence can come off as arrogance and rudeness at times. Never interrupt the interviewer and always listen to what they say. Don’t try and be too funny as it could come off as arrogant.

Being Too Quiet

Some people choose to stay quiet during the interview and answer when they are asked something only. This is something that shows the interviewer that you are not confident and do not feel comfortable around the company. Asking a few questions is very important for cracking the interview.

Getting Nervous

This is definitely something that every person on the face of this planet who has gone for an interview has faced. When an interviewer singles you out and asks you questions, you feel like all eyes are on you and this is what gets the nerves started. There are many ways to remain calm and respond professionally. Even something as simple as a joke, will help get rid of the nerves.

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These 10 mistakes are very common when it comes to interviews. Candidates usually make these mistakes on their first few attempts at getting a job. They usually get used to the entire process and it becomes very easy for them. Just avoid these mistakes and you will be cruising through the toughest interviews with the biggest companies.


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