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Found some motivation to start your own blog? You are at the right platform to gather your thoughts and have some evergreen ideas for blogging. 

Blogging is not a complex task. Every person has the capacity to think, they have interests, hobbies, ideas, etc. The real task is to put that thinking, interest, hobby, or ideas in the form of writing. This written piece will be your own masterpiece, your very own blog. There are lots of evergreen ideas for beginners, you just need to focus on the topic of your choice. A successful blog is the one that draws traffic. A blog becomes extraordinary when you generate ideas by thinking out of the box and writing them with determination, persistence, and interest. 

Let’s dive into 15 evergreen ideas for blogging.

  • Health Niche

Health is an important aspect of our life. In order to keep us fit, we follow healthy routines, diet plans, routine checkups, etc. If health is the topic of your interest, you can easily write on vast areas covered in health i.e. mental health, physical health, emotional health, and behavioral health. 

  • Prices and Specifications

If you consider yourself a tech geek and you keep updates regarding prices and specs of technology-related products, you can make a start and write about different brands, models, new-ins. You can also talk about your experience with a specific mobile, laptop, tablet and give opinions. For example, pricespakistan is a legit example which shares the insights regarding mobile phones, their prices, specs, announcements and much more. 

  • Food Blogs

Are you skilled in making the perfect food and innovative in new recipes? You can start your very own food blog, reach the audience and help them try your recipes. 

  • Personal Development

Personal development is something that is desired by everyone. This very useful topic will help the audience grow, improving their skills, working on self-esteem and confidence, insight, improving their personality, the way they communicate, etc. 

  • Travel Blogs

Most people are fond of traveling. You can show your love for travel by sharing a blog. Tell the audience about the new places you have explored. These travel blogs will attract tourist attention as well.

  • Guides and Tutorials

Explore from the audience what they wish to be guided and given tutorials about. This act will give you ideas about the most trending topics people need guidance for. They have least interest in reading instruction manuals of anything. These specific and to-the-point guides and tutorials will save time and will show proven results. BlogPakistan is an ultimate example for that, it offers its readers a new perspective about everyday Pakistan, guides, tutorials, tips, tricks, how tos and much more. 

  • Reviews 

Common sense is that you see reviews every time before buying anything new or trying something new. Reviews can be about anything, starting from restaurants, buying tech products, automotive, brands, etc. Whatever you have interest in, start posting reviews.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs are an important thing to blog about. They serve as a resource for people. When starting something new, people get confused. Blog on FAQs will get them a direction and lessen their confusion.

  • Case Study

You can publish your case studies and make them more powerful by matching the case study with the website visitors. A case study brings awareness among the audience or helps promote anything.

  • Trending News and Topics

 This is something that you can never get out of ideas. Every day, every week, or every year there is some flashing news, headline, or a trend. Talking about the hottest topics will catch the audience. 

  • Sharing a Personal Secret 

Sharing personal stories and secrets with your audience can give them confidence, satisfaction, support, and motivation. They feel relieved to believe that whatever situation they are in or whatever they are going through, they are not alone. This sharing of personal secrets can be kept confidential, it’s up to a person’s choice. 

  • Photography

Anything captured and shared catches the eye of the audience. We don’t have direct exposure to a lot of things in life. Through photography, you can showcase your skill as well increase the knowledge of many.

  • Lists of Something

People are often lazy to list down things. Preparing a list of something can ease their search and it will be easy for them to find a useful list under one platform. The examples include preparing a list of 5-star restaurants in an area, a list of grocery stores, a list of things essential for traveling, etc. People love lists as it gives some organization.

  • Myths and Misconceptions

Talking about myths and misconceptions about any topic may attract the audience but it will also bring a shock factor. When writing about such topics, be sure to handle controversies. It will be a plus if you show evidence supporting your myths.

  • Fashion

Fashion blogs are very common and attract a large female audience. Start blogging about clothing, beauty, the latest fashion, shoes, makeup. Also, talk about celebrities and icons, what they are wearing, what products they are using, the latest trends on clothes and colors, etc. 

Concluding Remarks

The ideas mentioned above are guaranteed to draw more audience to your blogs. It’s almost impossible to run out of blogging ideas. Keep blogging on your topics of interest and keep up the good work!


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