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Not just the IT professionals but even the usual computer users already know how important to backing up data on computer. Unable to do so could be potentially disturbing – no matter what kind of data it is, a business documents, personal or family pictures, or financial records, mislaying such kind of data could be devastating. As a matter of fact, in any business establishments if they encountered losing of such important documents and data they find it very hard to recover and most of the time it can affects business operations.

How to Fix a Defeated Hard Disk or Recover Data

The following are some possible steps to recover dead hard disk and data:

1. Disk-to-Disk

As far as backup solution space is all about the disk-to-disk backup solutions have becoming more practical nowadays. Disk-to-Disk is the most secure, fastest and reliable kind of data backup. Moreover, the Disk-to-disk solutions are basically automated and have the capability to bring back data faster as compared to any other data recovery solutions available in the market.

The drawback of using a backup solution like external hard drive or CD-ROM is that it routs the reason if is it not set aside in a totally remote different place. This kind of backup method still prone to theft, flood, fire and any kind of natural disasters, which, in time that the backup material were damaged it could be a frightening scenario and make it difficult for a computer owner to do a data recovery.

2. Traditional Tape Backup

This kind of data recovery is manual-intensive that usually need of significant resources and a little bit expensive. Tapes need to be catalogued, removed from the place, and need to be changed in daily basis. As well the tape backup units need to clean at least once a month to perform well. The data reinstates from the tape should be executed at least once in every quarter. And most importantly, tapes must be changed every year. This is costly because the tapes and the tape backup unit can tally up swiftly. This kind of data backup solution has a very high failure rate that is why it requires such maintenance.

3. Online Backup

Online backup and data recovery solution endow with a location in cyberspace where the user can securely backup their crucial data. Indeed Online Backup solution offers a number benefits to the user as compared to other alternative backup techniques, these include: cost efficiency, easy to use, and this is the most practical backup and data recovery approach. This allow the user to just simply download and install the documents, photos, music and all web-based service (cell phone spy software) and eventually all of them will be safely backed up in a remote and secure location.

The advantage of the online backup solution is that it is easy to use, very handy, automated and totally cost efficient. Another benefit for using online backup solution is that all can be done in the background of your computer even during sleep or standby mode without having snooping with the standard use.


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