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3Test automation is an approach for writing test cases taking help from software, which otherwise needs to be performed manually. One of the biggest advantages of automation is that they can run repeatedly and quickly, thus saving time of test engineer or QA analyst. It is also the cost-effective approach for the product, which has long maintenance lifespan, as smaller bugs could break the working functionality over time.

Testing as a Profession

The software testing and quality assurance is the most demanding job, as everyone wants to give bug-free and quality product to the market and customer. It is quite time consuming and hard to write every test case and run the program manually and hence automated tools are used and are designed with professional software application and manual testers and business analyst in mind. These tools are easy to use, yet greatly powerful.

Black box Testing

The black box testing and GUI Test Automation Tool is ideal for testing any application and testers should know Java, VB script, .net, HTML, Perl, Silver light, etc. Testing of web, windows application and software products is very important and used in several industries in order to get a bug-free and effective product.

Using the GUI Tools

GUL tools are used by many developers and engineers to improve the performance and efficiency of the system and web application. Though it is possible to find errors or bugs manually in a software application, it is a laborious and lengthy process. Test automation is the best way to examine the product, as these are made up with superior quality and high technology under the guidance of technically skilled and experienced professionals.

Most of the companies and industries have been using GUI, QTP, Selenium tools to improve the efficiency and productivity of the software to have a prolonged maintenance life.


Quick Test Professionals (QTP) is a HP product that offers regression and functional test automation for web applications, software, and other windows applications. It supports scripting interfaces and keyword and has a GUI. Other features included are IT controlled assets, cascaded optimization system, comprehensive, and secured operational environment for hybrid world, screen recorder, business process testing, and improved expert view.


A portable testing tool designed especially for web applications is a playback/recording tool for writing tests, without needing to know about the scripting language. It also has intelligent field selection, auto complete, debug, walk through tests, ruby scripts, and various other options to make the process smooth and efficient.

Visual Studio Test Professional

Visual studio is a Microsoft product that gives comprehensive plan-test track workflow between developers and testers, so as to enhance the visibility of testers in the overall project. Such testing professionals come with team foundation server, manual testing, file actionable bugs, application lifecycle management, and reusable test recordings.

Rational Functional Tester

RFT is developed by IBM and is an automated regression and functional testing tool; it allows testers to examine or checkout GUI-based technologies, regression, functional, and data-driven testing. It simplifies the test creation with storyboard testing, offering traceability and also validates dynamic data with wizard, proxy SDK, streamline automation with keyword testing for parallel development.


The rich featured tool is designed to test graphical user interface and browser application; the automated testing tool reduces the time scale and improves the quality, without the complexity of traditional tools. It supports integration testing with other elements, so that test can be run within expected time.

These are the main tools used by most companies, which include some of the SEO test operations.

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