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The Rich Communication Services (RCS) is by far the most innovative way to communicate. The sophisticated suite is for peripatetic operators seeking a high- end, customized communication and messaging solution. This communication service is devised to produce an enhanced user experience across a wide range of devices, to include smartphones, desktops, and tablets. The network suite is flexible in that it delivers intelligent, valuable, and cost- effective features. Bottom line, RCS advances the operators’ competitive position within the communication’s industry.

Rich communication solution has an array of advantages for any thriving enterprise. The service can be used in support of a company’s need for service capability, privacy, and presence. This service is available using the GSMA mobile ecosystem to transform the manner of which people communicate. RCS-based apps penetrate the consumer interactive mobile interface in order to deliver an experience that transcends beyond voice or SMS. The rich communication service not only provides the operator with instant message or chat, but the operator will also receive interactive video and file sharing, within any network and on any device.

Based on the GSMA’s ecosystem, the rich communication services can connect with the IP multimedia subsystems, under the trademark – Joyn. This collaboration grants you a way to discover real-time service, with an enriched multimedia functionality and user interface. That being said, by using rich communications to respond to the consumer’s behaviors and expectations, it can instantly increase the value of your network and afford a richer communication experience to your consumers. As it appears, without the rich communications services, your enterprise can lose relevance. Consumers are more and more affianced in the value and benefits of the IP-based media solutions.

The advantages of integrating GSMA’s rich communication services is that they simplify and add value to the overall service delivery. The rich communication-based solutions seamlessly interconnect the existing and traditional telecom services with IP-based communications. When combining the IP multimedia intelligence capabilities, you will immediately notice time-to-market, renewed revenue streams. You will be able to augment baseline features, such as video and voice communications, content sharing and messaging. The service also allows for integrating common social networking sites. The rich communication suite supports variant operating devices and systems that can be deployed at anytime, anywhere.

Subscribers have the advantage of neutralizing the over-the-top or OTT threat by using RCS. Because the rich communication services has the capacity to work across all network and devices, users can conduct group chat sessions, as well as individual, while simultaneously exchanging videos or images. This can all be accomplished while also deploying video calls or chats. Messaging sessions are automatically launched from the personalized address book that contains the traditional contact information. The address book is advanced to further include interactive data and multimedia capabilities, such as chat, video and image sharing, and file transfer. With the rich communication solution services, operators have the competitive stance against over-the-top services, like Facebook messenger and Skype. The RCS solution is the most intelligent network in multimedia communication.


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