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3 Different Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Mobile Device

3 Different Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Mobile Device A smartphone is a major purchase. New smartphones can cost hundreds of dollars, and they’re typically something that you expect to last a long time. While it seems that new smartphones are coming out almost every day, if you’re an average person you likely are going to do whatever it takes to make sure your mobile device lasts a long time.

There are plenty of ways to protect mobile devices and smartphones. There are even ways to live an active and adventurous lifestyle and protect them, too. If you’re looking for ways to extend the life of your mobile devices so you don’t have to buy a new smartphone every few months, check out these tips.

Protect it with a Sturdy Case

Easily one of the best ways to make sure your smartphone lasts as long as you want it to is to protect it with a sturdy case. Your average case won’t cut it; a flimsy case typically won’t protect a smartphone that’s dropped on the ground. Instead, opt for a shockproof and waterproof case that will protect your phone even if you drop it in the toilet.

There are iPhone and Galaxy S4 cases on the market nowadays that are strong enough to survive a significant drop onto hard concrete, or even being submerged in mud. A case like this will no doubt extend the life of your phone significantly. While you should still avoid dropping your phone at all costs if you’re able to, dropping it while it’s encompassed in a sturdy case will mean it will live to see another call.

Make sure you Always keep it Updated

Another good way to help extend the life of a mobile device is to always keep it updated to the latest operating system. Keeping your device updated can help prevent it against different bugs and glitches that could possibly damage your phone.

Sometimes, operating system updates are released that completely overhaul the phone itself, essentially turning it into a new device. Oftentimes these updates are completely free, meaning you essentially get a new phone (with your same hardware) without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for the latest device. Keeping your phone updated with the operating system updates is easily one of the best ways to make sure your phone lives a long and happy life.

Consider Replacing the Battery

As your phone starts to get older, the battery might be the first thing to go. You might notice that over time the battery life gets lower and lower, eventually to a point where you feel like you need a new phone. Fear not, as replacing a phone battery typically isn’t difficult.

There are many places you can go to have someone replace a phone battery for you, but it’s also not difficult to do it on your own. All phones will be different, and some might be a bit more difficult to replace than others, but chances are you’ll be able to easily do it on your own.

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