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The Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei has largely made affordable phones with medium specs. Huawei Ascend P1 is the first in a series of real titans from the manufacturer, but will do it?

The answer is yes. Ascend P1 is an EXCELLENT entertainment phone with most optimum specs.

Good screen

The phone takes clear inspiration from other phones in the design, but we think it has much better screen. It is very thin and has a fixed cover. You cannot change the battery, but it has a powerful battery that powers the phone.

The screen is a Super-AMOLED variant with 960 x 540 pixel resolution. This is not best in class, but it’s still not many phones that have a higher resolution on the same screen size.  Ascend P1 comes with a full-fledged office suite that you do not have to pay to unlock. Here is a good application as you will also find smart security solutions on the phone.

Good on entertainment

Despite the fact that Ascend P1 has the same miserable ear buds like most other phones, the phone is EXCELLENT to music if you choose a different set of earphones or headphones.

There is no video front that we have to criticize in this phone. It plays most video formats and it cannot forward the contents on to the big screen – either wirelessly over the network or via a switch to HDMI.

Ascend P1 is also the first phone from Huawei that comes with a good camera. Generally, indoor shots are the greatest challenge to the mobile camera. Ascend P1 makes it perfectly fine indoors, even it impresses mostly in situations with lots of light and takes difficult shots. Several times we have experienced that Ascend P1 has fared in strong backlighting, where other phones and compact camera were really struggling.

Irritating dictionary

After such a brilliant track record, it’s the basic features of Ascend P1 has irritated us. Ringing works without problems and with good sound quality in conversation. But Huawei has the keyboard on their phone that could have been better.

We are troubled by the fact that the dictionary will stick to the words on the screen, so it do not get back the messages to correct typographical errors. In addition, the home key is very close to the bottom of the screen. These problems can to some extent be solved by downloading an alternative keyboard to the phone

The options

Most phones with similar or better feed starts at about 3500 million, i.e. they are considerably more expensive than the Huawei Ascend P1. One of the competitors that come pretty closer is the Sony Xperia P.

Xperia P has very good and extremely bright screen with same resolution as the screen in Ascend P1. However, it is slightly smaller than the Huawei phone, and you have to live with an older version of Android for a while until Sony upgrade to Android 4.0.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is perhaps the clearest alternative to Ascend P1. It costs about 300 million more than the Huawei phone, giving you a larger screen with higher resolution. At the same time you get just as high feed, and the latest version of Android. With Galaxy Nexus, you must do without the support for memory cards.


+ Fast

+ Thin

+ Good screen

+ Memory Space

+ Good camera with very good application

+ Good music (with earphones alternative)

+ Special good support for various file types


– Troublesome dictionary

– Home key is too close to the screen



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