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With 4.5 stars rating on the major shopping sites, WLtoys F949 is an easy to operate remote control airplane meant for the first time pilots. As per the user reviews, some bit of skill is still needed to fly the airplane. WLToys is the leading brand renowned for making best products but offers remote control airplanes at reasonable rates. Coming under the category of RC, the flight time it offers is 25 minutes while the charging time needed is nearly an hour. The best part is that the RC airplane is designed as per the Cessna-182 plane which is real. It has a cool appearance and comes with the combination of 3 coreless motors. The plane offers much stronger driving force and is made with EPP composite material. It is flexible, durable and difficult to break. The easy operation makes it appropriate for the beginners and also for intermediate flight gamers.

A Review On Wltoys F949 And Its Features, Uses And Specifications

WLToys Airplane: the cheap RC plane

WLToys Airplane is an affordably priced remote control airplane which acts as a great alternative if you want to get started in the world of radio controlled airplane. This WLToy aircraft is based on the amazing Cessna 182 airplane. It features the small wingspan of 500mm which allows you to fly even if the space is small. If it is windy and wet outside, you may use the RC toy to fly indoors in your hall. When it comes to the flight time, it all depends on the throttle you generally use and the existing conditions. Having the control range of around 200m, the airplane offers a chance to climb up higher and higher and allows you to knock off the throttle to glide downwards.

Unique features of WLToys F949

WLToys F949 is fabulously powered by coreless motor that tends to offer a strong driving power. It is just perfect if you are looking for longer flights. You may fly for as long as 25 minutes and thus this eliminates the need for frequent charging. It features EPP composite which makes the plane crash resistant. Indeed, it is highly robust to tolerate small mishaps here and there like colliding with the tree in between. As the rudder here is adjustable, you may easily change the direction of the wind through the wings. Thus, we can say that the plane allows you different movements. Some of the movements that you may fine tune are 360 degrees rotation, loops and even spiral movement. This unique plane comes along with various features and this includes 2.4 GHz mode 2 transmitter. Thus, you may fly various planes without any fear of interference. The low cost, easy to operate, easy to fly airplane is perfect for the beginner pilots.

The plane, WLToys F949 looks amazing. It is indeed the object of beauty and the users love to fly it. But, when you unbox it, minor trimming is required. The quality is good and such highly featured airplane offers great value for money. The sturdy plane can also survive crashes. This plane is very fast and efficient. The powerful battery and motors improve its performance.


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