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If you are looking for the benefits of monthly payments without the hassle of topping up, SIM only contracts are for you. This type of contract gives you monthly recurring minutes, texts and data which are very convenient to mobile users that don’t want a burdensome option of having to top up or be tied to a long agreement. The essential part of these contracts are that no mobile is part of the deal, reducing the monthly payments drastically.

Most contract phone deals have a high failure of acceptance with the network. As the networks want to be able to make money from the contract with phone that they have sold you. They also want to ensure that you do not just stop paying and keep the mobile for the duration of the contract. SIM only deals have a higher acceptance rate and individuals with difficulty in contracts can find it far easier to be accepted as less stringent credit check is done.

Contract phones can typically cost hundreds of pounds and mobile agreements can be either 18 to 24 months term. This is enough time for the operator to recoup the cost of the handset. For SIM only users they are just paying for the line rental and the agreed tariff details which come with the plan at a much reduced cost every month. Additional benefits are also that 30 day contracts are available. If mobile users want to move on to another provider you can do so without penalty just by giving their one month notice. There are other contract length options available from 90 days available from Vodafone, you can vist site for the latest plans and also 12 months SIM only contracts are available for all the networks.

There are also some drawbacks as some of the best discounts and offers will not come with this type of deal. These are typically held back for contract phone deals of a value higher than £20. The type of promotions excluded can include free gifts such as consoles, LCD TV’s or even cash back arrangements.

This type of agreements fills a gap among contract phone deals and top up schemes. With SIM only you must have phone that is unlocked to the operator you want to choose. Generally those mobile users which are pleased with their existing mobile but are just searching for a better package they can switch to SIM only contracts without having to replace their handset with a brand new cell phone unnecessarily.


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