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There are thousands of great applications on the iPhone app store, but many of them go unnoticed because they are not properly promoted and marketed. After spending countless hours and hundreds of dollars to develop an app, it is a good idea to also do some promoting and marketing for it as well. Without doing marketing almost nobody will get to see and use your app, which means that all of your time may have been wasted. Below are a few tips for developers to promote iPhone apps by yourself so that you can save money and still spread the word.

Strategies to Increase iPhone Application Downloads

Whether the iPhone application you built is meant for people to enjoy or for you to make money, you still need to get the word out so that people can try it and see if they like it. This is the only way to help the application go viral and truly get the traffic that you need.

One way to greatly increase your iPhone app success is by starting pre-launch promotions so that you can create a buzz before the app has even been finished. This will enable you to get some hype and make people really look forward to your application launch. Send some emails to friends and offer some invite-only V.I.P. items for the lucky few. Not only will this create an initial buzz, but you will be getting some loyal users for quite a long time.

Also, before you should incorporate social media into your iPhone promotion and marketing campaign as much as you can. Create a Facebook page, a Twitter, and other social media accounts so that you can interact with users. More importantly, build in functionality to tie social media with your app. For example, some apps have scavenger hunt type of functionalities within social media. Although this might not fit with your niche, it is important to get create in order to get your app on social media circles. This is the way to get it viral.

Multiple Application Releases

Every time you release your application, customers will tell you different things that need to be changed to make it better. No matter how great you think you have made it at the beginning, there are still changes that you will have to make. Take advantage of the new versions to re-launch your application even if it is only to your few friends on social media outlets.

Promotion and Marketing Your App

Great applications, just like works of art, can go unnoticed if it is not shared among the people. In order to share your masterpiece with iPhone users, you will need to take some of the promotional and marketing responsibilities for yourself. There are a number of simple ways to market the application without the help of others. Make sure to create a buzz before you even launch your product. Also incorporate social media, and make sure to follow up with new updates frequently.



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