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There are a multitude of companies all across the world who offers cheap web hosting to business websites of all sizes. However, it becomes an arduous task for one to find a trustworthy and reliable company that guarantees the best services at a cost effective price. Most of the companies are touted to offer low prices for web hosting alongside poor services. Identifying a noteworthy cheap web hosting company is surely a grueling task until you find one that exhibits great features, quality services, extensive support and above all, a record number of clients and performance.

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Are you a newbie as a Digital Media User?

If you are a new business who is entering into the world of digital media marketing with the help of a website, then you have two options that you may wish to consider, the free web hosting or cheap web hosting. However, it is always advisable to make way to little investment and opt for a cheap web hosting plan.

Features of a Cheap Web Hosting Company

Finding a company that is both cheap at prices and greatly trustworthy to associate with involves a lot of research, knowledge and understanding about web hosting services and the companies that offer cheap web hosting services.

1.     Reliability

Offering services is very easy but sticking on to the commitments given to the clients is something worth evaluating. You might find the cheapest prices with the company but what if they are not available to support your website and offer maintenance when you actually need them? The reliability period that you must ensure from a cheap web hosting company is a time period of a minimum of seven years. This is obviously a good period of time to endorse the reliability of a company and also guarantees the services offered by the company.

2.     Longer Hosting Period Plans

A company that offers cheap web hosting and gives its customers an opportunity to be associated for longer time duration brings forth an array of benefits alongside the factor of establishing trust and confidence.

An assurance to the client always helps the company to stand strong. And if you are paying even a few bucks to get your website running, then you must ensure that your association is with a good and reliable cheap web hosting company.

  • Low Plan rates
  • Continued customer support without change in the server
  • Money Back Guarantee where the user can cancel the opted plan for any user and avail the money which is credited back to the user’s account within three to four days of time. However, there are few companies who charge about one percent as the cancellation fees.
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Option for package renewal at discount rates
  • Discount on varied other services like add on domains, email boxes etc.3.     Revenue Generation by Cheap Web Hosting Companies

Generally, all web hosting companies earn a part of their revenue through paid ads. A good and valid cheap web hosting company will always make sure that their clients get the complete control of the content being displayed on the website including the advertisements. There are many companies who also allow you to eliminate these paid ads from your business website.

  • 4.     Uploading of Website Content

When you are associated with a cheap web hosting company, then it is their server space that you will be using for your website to go live. A good company willingly offers a decent space to upload the file content. However, you need to strike an understanding between your website developer and the hosting company. There are many companies who allow only a specific language on their server and data base. Always ensure that you understand the servers well before getting associated with the company. Another feature of a good cheap web hosting company is that they allow the business website to be uploaded any number of times on their server.


Whatever be the business, choosing a cheap web hosting company for your website to go live will never get you into a wrong decision until you follow the basic norms of building and maintaining a website. There are legions of websites available in the digital market today and due to the tough competition, these hosting companies offer a world of services at great prices to their existing and new clients. The most ideal way is to look through the internet and make a list of prospective cheap web hosting companies and compare their deals and prices before you make the choice to get associated with one.


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