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Keeping healthy is important – there are all manner of apps and accessories for the Phone that will help you do that The iPad is a little large for most exercise apps


Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

The Smart Blood Pressure Monitor allows you to measure, track, graph and share your blood pressure directly from your iOS device. With a companion app available Free on the App Store, the device provides instant blood pressure and pulse measurement; with automatic backup and a health follow-up.


Medisana Thermodock

The Medisana Thermodock turns your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a mobile thermometer. As with the Glucodock it plugs into the docking port on the iOS range and keeps track of your body temperature; perhaps ideal if you’re running and need to track it. It’s available for $89.95 From the Apple Store.


Wifi Body Scales From Withings

If you’re a Few weeks into your exercise programme and want to keep track of weight loss, the Wi-Fi Body Scales from Withings use Wi-Fi to transmit your weight to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It also graphs weight, lean/Fat muscle mass and body mass index. The app supporting the scales is available Free From the App Store; you can share the data on Twitter, Facebook and more.


iBike Dash Cycling Computer Deluxe Offering a large, colour touch screen, detailed dashboard graphics, and a rechargeable battery, the iBike Dash Cycling Computer Deluxe gives you the instant information you want to enjoy your rides, challenge yourself a little more, and share your ride exploits with friends or teammates.


Journey To Fitness

Journey to Fitness is a guide For planning your own personal fitness program of balanced eating and exercise. It shows how to plan a customized fitness program around your favorite healthy Food and exercise choices which, hopefully, should make the process of exercise a whole lot easier.


iHEALTH Blood Pressure Dock

The iHealth Blood Pressure Dock allows you to track your blood pressure using the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It Features a simple, attractive, interface; visual measurement process; the ability to track systolic/diastolic numbers, heart rates and more. You can also track pulse wave graphs.


Exercise & Fitness Motivation

The Exercise & Fitness Motivation app ($7.99) includes an Exercise & Fitness Motivation Hypnosis Audio Track a 7 Golden Rules eBook, a Self Hypnosis eBook and a guide how to make the most of the app. If you need a little additional push towards fitness, this may help.


FreeBody Fitness Free is an exercise journal that provides clear pictures, detailed instructions, a clean user interface and over 320 exercises separated into core, lower body, arms, chest, shoulders back and cardio. The developers, Ticklish Turtle, even go so far as to say if it’s not included email them with an appropriate exercise and they’ll include it in an update.


Exercise Everywhere

Exercise Everywhere is a training app providing a number of exercises designed to be accessible to mostly everyone. The free download contains five stealth exercises, with a further 40 available if you upgrade for $2.99 and by the complete version. The courses are informative, practical and well illustrated and the exercises did seem mostly accessible.


Medisana Clucodock

The Medisana Glucodock allows you to turn your iOS device into a blood sugar monitor. Plugging into the docking port on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, the GlucoDock acts as your blood sugar diary with each entry stores and presented in a variety of formats. It’s supplied with a starter kit necessary so as to allow use of the device.

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