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You’re working, going to school and taking care of your family, and it’s exhausting! When you decided to continue your education, you knew it would be tough, but you didn’t expect it to be this confusing. One of your biggest reasons for choosing an online learningprogram was to keep it simple, but you’re having trouble keeping everything straight day after hectic day. Don’t get overwhelmed. You may just need a bit of help to be more capable in school and to help you stay organized. That’s where technology can help. New software programs from Apple for the iMac and iPad are designed to help you keep your life clear and efficient.

Apple iMac and iPad

Apple is known for making innovative products that you can use without having extensive knowledge of technology. The original Macintosh personal computer was a simple-to-use, revolutionary addition to people’s homes. The desktop iMac has come a long way. It is still straightforward to use, and it has sharp graphics and lightning-fast performance. The new iPad3 from Apple, released on March 16, is a smaller, handheld option with a touch screen. If you choose the right software and apps, the iMac and iPad can enhance your education experience.

Software to Help You Get Through School

Distance learning emphasizes connectivity. Helpful software for your lifestyle helps you connect to the resources you need on the Internet, to your classmates and instructor and to the different facets of your own life. Both the iMac and iPad are connected to the App store, so you can shop and purchase Apple software at any time. Launchpad instantly installs your new apps. You might want to consider some of these options.

Evernote: Learning is easier when you have good notes. Evernote is a web-based program that can store notes as text files or graphics. You can upload photos to Evernote from a digital camera, including the one that comes with your iPad3 or iMac. You can organize your notes into virtual notebooks and make annotations for when you review them later.
Dropbox: You will almost certainly need to work on group projects when you are a student, and DropBox is a useful option for file-sharing. Every member of your team can access and edit the most recent version of the teams’ spreadsheet, text file or slide presentation. The app lets you store up to 2GB of files for free, with an additional 250 MB for each friend that you refer. You can pay more for additional storage space.
iBooks: You don’t want to purchase books and lug them around if you don’t even know whether you’ll use them. iBooks lets you browse books from your iPad and download them without even going to the bookstore.
Communication: The iPad and iMac both have cameras so you can have live video chats with classmates and instructors. You can brainstorm and ask questions.

Unnecessary software can send you on detours and waste your time, but programs that you need can help you get tasks done faster and better. Apple is known for innovations that average people can use with proficiency and without feeling intimidated. The iMac and iPad and their latest software are examples. Instead of cluttering your life, they can help you stay organized and connect the different parts of your daily routine.

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