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With the on-the-go lives we lead, the best way to stay in tune with financial news is by using apps dedicated to the investment world. To ensure your stocks are performing well and to stay up-to-date on current investment news and trends, consider these five apps.

1. SigFig


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SigFig can be downloaded for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. The Street has called this app, “A new threat to the financial industry’s status quo.” The app allows you to keep track of your entire investment portfolio including 401ks and IRAs.

This financial app also allows you to sync with over 60 brokerages, and displays your entire portfolio on one screen. A nice feature is the “hidden” account numbers when viewing your portfolio and the research tools included, such as stock market charts and predictors. This top-rated app even analyzes your portfolio and offers investment advice.

2. MarketMinder


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Another great app for iOS users is the MarketMinder iTunes application by Fisher Investments to help you sort through financial news from a variety of sources.

What’s nice about this investing app is the insights and columns you’ll gain from many sources. MarketMinder takes the guesswork out of which investment advice columns to follow by only connecting with those who are leaders in the industry. Beyond daily commentary and closing market news, dive into op-ed articles and marketing myths, and learn more about the global investment world. If investing smarter is your goal, this is the perfect app to help you along the way.

3. Investment 101

Investment 101

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From WAGmog comes the Investment 101 app, which is great for newbies to the investment world.

What are mutual funds and fixed deposits, and how does the Forex market work? The app uses tutorials, quizzes, and flashcards to help the young investor learn how Wall Street works. Other topics to study and learn about include the fundamentals of investing, equity shares, bond and debentures, and the exchange rate.

4. Investment Plan Finance Guide

Investment Plan

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From YouTube Video Fans comes the Investment Plan Finance Guide app. For those who love learning via videos, this app has collected video tutorials from the pros and placed them all in one easy place to view on your smartphone.

Watch videos on how to invest, how to sell your silver or gold, and how to buy penny stocks. There are also tutorials on the Forex market and investing strategies for beginners. The app even takes finances in another direction, showing viewers how to save money and how to invest in real estate. You’ll find well-known finance experts explaining topics such as mutual funds and money market accounts. This is a great app to learn the ins and outs of the market and boost your confidence level when communicating about the stock market world.

5. Stocks Daily Picks


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Mindskate Limited is the developer behind the Stocks Daily Picks app. This is a simple app that offers stock picks of the day based on past performance.

The app developer warns these picks are for informational purposes only; however, it does lead the user to real-time charts and graphs, as well as the latest industry news.

These five investments apps will keep you informed on what’s new and hot in the investment world. They can also help you be a smarter, wiser investor. Who doesn’t want that?


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