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There are a lot of celebrities looking into creating their own mobile apps for fans, but the coolest and most interesting apps are being made by professional athletes. Whether you’re looking to get fit or just have some fun in your free time, you have to look into these programs by your favorite sports stars.

Usain Bolt’s Fun Running Game

If you watched the Summer Olympics, you were probably blown away at the speed of Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. Now you can experience his lightning fast running ability for yourself with his free game, Bolt!. The game uses touch screen controls to help a cartoon Bolt as he sprints, jumps, and slides through levels, collecting Gatorade for energy and avoiding traps set by villainous pirates. With its gameplay as quick as Bolt himself, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy this exciting app.

Get Fit withGeorges St-Pierre

UFC champion Georges St-Pierrehas an app called Touchfit meant to share his powerful training regime with fans who want a taste of his skill. St-Pierre believes that every workout should be different, which is reflected in the app’s dynamic interface. With the “Smart Fitness” technology that adjusts itself to your needs and hundreds of videos to help you get in shape, Touchfit is the perfect app for anyone hoping to bulk up like an MMA fighter.

Joe Montana’s Unique Fantasy Football

If you want the most in-depth experience with your fantasy football team, you have to check out iMFL by the formerSan Francisco49er Joe Montana. This app includes lots of social features, like facing off against your friends and even betting on the outcome of games as they happen in real time. With iMFL you’ll have much more fun playing fantasy football than you ever thought possible.

Play Along with theMinnesotaTwins

If you prefer baseball to football, there are other cool apps you can try. Fans of the Minnesota Twins will have a lot of fun with the team’s At the Plate app, which brings a new level of enjoyment to the game. While you’re at Target Field, you can use At the Plate to make predictions while the Twins are batting. If your seating section earns the most points through correct predictions, you can win special prizes. You should definitely download this app, grab some Minnesota Twins tickets, and head down to the ballpark for an all new look at baseball.

Tiger Woods’s Ultimate Swing Training

You may think that golf is easy because it doesn’t require a lot of physical training and exertion, but there are lots of mechanics you have to work on if you want to hit a hole in one. Golf superstar Tiger Woods has developed an app called My Swing designed to help golfers of all skill levels get better at the game.

The app allows golfers to film their swings to compare to the golf pro, using the same technique as Woods while practicing. Every penny of the $10 price goes straight to Woods’ scholarship foundation, so it would be more than worth it to give the app a shot.

No matter what sport you love, your favorite athletes are coming out with new apps every day. Check out the best your team has to offer and stay connected with the pros.


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