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Everyone as a kid aspires to become something and very often in life, they end up becoming something else all together. If you are doing what you  always wanted to then, congratulations! You are amongst the few fortunate ones. If no, no wonder, there are many like you out there.


The thing with dreams is, there is always this tiff between the mind and heart. You want to study something, now two things might stop you from doing it, either your self doubt, if you could do well in that field or the worry of a safe future is what makes you choose something economically more fruitful over your heart.

Mind Versus Heart

Two very important stages in a learner’s life, where he needs guidance and education tips the most are, when he qualifies his tenth class’s exam and is set to choose a stream for himself and second, when he gets done with school and has to opt a subject for higher education which in most cases ends up as his career.


While class tenth students must take an aptitude test to decide his stream; a college aspirant must be made to listen to his heart. A wrong decision taken in high school can always be rectified in college but if you make the same mistake in college and change it later, the degree of deviation rises, which might negatively affect your resume.

Because What You Choose To Pursue Is Important
If undecided, you must consult an educationist and seek his guidance. Numerous education tips are widely available online and offline, these tips largely focus on the possibility of having a career in every field.  Unlike before, today the youngsters prefer to take up their passion as a profession. Be it photography, traveling, music, dance, theater, fine arts, very field offers a marvelous future if you have it in you. But many a times, the greed to get a well paid job and settle early in life makes people give up on their passion. Still a lot of them prefer following the tried and tested path not because they want to but because it assures sure rewards.

Earlier, the problem was connected to the exposure a profession has but that doesn’t seem to be the issue now. There are various colleges and institutes which offer vocational courses. Many students register themselves every year. Moreover, teachers these days lay special emphasis on the fact students know about the various options they have even in the regular streams, no more a science student has to be a doctor or an engineer or an arts student does political science, there are options beyond that.

A similar tiff is observed when students have to choose between college and course. Most students tend to give in to the name of the college instead of prioritizing the course it is offering them, various educationists in their education tips emphasize on the importance of pursuing the course of your choice. Because even if a profession has a struggle in store for you, you will be able to successfully sail through it if it is associated with something you like.


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