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When it comes to organic search optimization, there are different tools available in the market, some are free, and some are premium, some good, while others not so good. However, there is one tool, the importance of which is undermined by most of the SEO professionals.

Google AdWords is a tool which SEO professionals use for PPC management, though it is right, but AdWords is much more than simply managing ads traffic. The lines below give 5 major benefits Google AdWords can provide pertaining to organic traffic generation and optimization.

1. For Keywords:

Keywords are the corner stone on which the whole online marketing campaign is based. In order to run an effective SEO campaign you need to target the right keywords, and Google AdWords can help you best in this regard. Therefore, you can use AdWords to filter your target keywords from a plethora of keywords, to run an effective and efficient campaign.

2. Landing Page Optimization:

With Google Website Optimizer, you can efficiently optimize your landing pages to accommodate the traffic you receive organically. Organic traffic takes a bit of time compared to paid traffic, therefore, when you have the landing pages optimized, the time users land on these pages, they have more chances of being converted into a sale, compared to simply doing SEO of the page.

3. Geo-Targeting:

With the help of Geographic Performance Report in Google AdWords, you can better understand the geography of your audience, like where they come from, the countries, states, cities.

  • From this data, you can extract the names of cities and states that convert best.
  • You can also use the geographic data to run a local business listing campaign.
  • Designing landing pages for a geographic target audience increases the chances of their conversion.

4. Link Ideas:

There is no denying the importance of links in internet marketing. Utilizing Placement Performance Reports in AdWords can help you a great deal in finding ideas for linking. In this report, you can find information about the ad on the websites that send you most traffic, this way you can make a direct deal with the website, write content for them, and hence increase your backlinks besides an increased traffic.

5. Content Ideas:

The reports of AdWords can also help you a great deal in finding new content ideas. You can analyze the URLs that sent you the most converting traffic. By examining the kind of content they have, you can create a similar if not a better content then the original piece, and do its optimization. This way you will be able to get all the traffic organically for such content.


In short, there are many other benefits you can avail from AdWords for SEO purposes, but the aforementioned are the benefits that are the best reason to incorporate AdWords in SEO process.


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