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Trustworthy Freebie Sites


The Internet is flooded with websites that promise to connect people with freebies, but which ones actually provide the goods rather than simply trying to force you to participate in offers? The first important distinction is whether you’re looking for actual free products or free coupons. Coupon sites are plentiful, and many of them provide deals which can allow consumers to pick up a product at a store for a fraction of their original price. As with standard freebies 365 sites, however, there can still be a catch so you have to make sure that you read the fine print.

Best Freebie Website – This website, and the Facebook page which accompanies it, is a labor of love for its creator, and that love shines through. Everything of interest to consumers looking for a deal is included on this website, including free product samples, high value discount coupons, links to big contests and a weekly preview of the coupons which will be in the Sunday paper. The absolute best part about Freebie Shark is that each of the items which are posted about are monitored, and once the offer expires the information is updated. This keeps people from wasting their time, and it also shows a high level of dedication from the website’s owner. Another thing that sets Freebie Shark apart from its competitors, such as, is that the website never asks for your personal information or makes you answer a bunch of questions in order to be connected with the freebies. Instead, you’ll be directly linked off of the Freebie Shark website to the free offers.

Best Coupon Website – Almost all coupons websites require a download of some type, but the download is the most minimally invasive. You will not be required to add something to your toolbar in order to access the coupons, and you won’t have to provide with a lot of information before you can start printing off deals. allows users to sort deals and coupons by their zip code, which opens up a wide range of coupon options. They also allow you to print coupons up to three times each, unless the manufacturer has requested a different limit on a specific coupon.

Best Way to Get Specific Freebies and Coupons

While sites like Freebie Shark and make it easier to see a variety of freebies and coupons in one place, the best way to get deals on a specific product is to follow that product’s Facebook page and subscribe to its newsletter. In many instances companies will provide their fans with special offers, such as the monthly coupons that General Mills sends to newsletter subscribers, or the free Kraft Macaroni and Cheese that Kraft has been offering through the product’s Facebook page.


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