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Best Travel Apps For The iPhone

How did we travel all over the world using just a map and maybe a tour guide? Today’s technology allows us to travel with just an iPhone. Your iPhone includes maps, a camera, and a whole load of other apps to assist you while travelling. High-tech travel apps today give us more opportunity to take part in different activities and discover new places. So what apps will benefit you the most while travelling?

Try YPlan if you are in a new city and looking for a fun event to go to. Right now it’s available in New York, San Francisco and London and the app consists of a shortlist of the events that are being held near you. Take advantage of this app when travelling and book your tickets to the best events in major cities.

Yelp is great with providing you with more than 50 million reviews on businesses including bars, restaurants and shops across the world. Yelp will give you details and search filters to accommodate your requests along with maps to keep you on the right path.

Best Travel Apps For The iPhone

If you are travelling friends splitting the costs of things can get messy. With Trip Splitter you no longer have to worry about keeping track of who owes what. This app makes it easy to split the bill, add tip if necessary, and it will keep you abreast of how your finances are faring.

With all of your travel plans, things can get a bit unorganised. TripIt offers you the tools to organise all of your details such as hotel, airline, rental car and even restaurant bookings all in one place.

PackPoint is a great travel app when you are venturing off to a new place. Tell the app where and when you are going, a reason why you are going, whether it’s business or leisure, and the app will make suggestions as to what you should be taking with you.

If you are looking for a great way to get around while taking tips from the locals, Lyft offers a great taxi ride from someone who’s more likely to keep you informed about stuff going around nearby. Not to worry, drivers are always background-checked.

Kayak gives you the opportunity to search flights, hotels and car rentals all in one place while tracking down the best prices and providing comparisons with other sites.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like to plan out every detail of your trip, HotelTonight is the right app for you. This app offers plenty of last minute deals on hotel rooms, which are often a lot cheaper than planning ahead.

Hipmunk Travel is a price comparison app that enables you to easily compare some of the top travel sites in order to find the best hotel and flight deals. It’s easy to use and promises big savings. There is also a function where it shows you how to minimise layovers and time.

When travelling to cities where the majority of your transportation will be public transit, Citymapper deciphers the transit so you don’t have to. Refer to this app for trip planning and real-time departure info and online status updates for possible disruptions and delays.

Another tip before travelling abroad is to unlock your device. If you are no longer under contract with your service provider, you have the option of unlocking your iPhone and choosing another network to use. This is useful when travelling because it saves you money on roaming fees or international plans. Simply unlock your iPhone, insert the SIM of your choosing and be on your way.

To make your travelling easier, download these apps and use for iOS on your iPhone, use these tips and simplify your life. There is an adventure waiting to happen and you no longer have to rely on paper maps and instinct.


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