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For some reason, the use of school uniform has become a controversial issue not only to the students, but as well as to parents and teachers. Various studies showed that the use of school uniform has a huge positive impact on the personality of students. However, some people also believed that the uniform actually suppresses the individuality of students.

Can Student Really Benefit From Using School Uniforms?

Cheap school uniforms offer so many advantages not only to students, but for parents as well. Through the use of school uniforms, parents will be able to save money from buying fashionable dresses. Students can also benefit with the use of school uniforms because they don’t have to worry much about what dress to wear at school.

Students are classified based on the type of school uniforms they are wearing. The uniform gives students professional look and actually a way of encouraging the students to behave well. However, some students are not that happy and comfortable wearing their uniform. They feel like they are restricted from developing their personality and individuality. For teens and the young, wearing fashionable clothing is one way of expressing themselves, their aspiration, feelings, individuality, and personality.

Wearing School Uniform in the Perspective of Educational Institutions

Educational institutions highly encourage students to wear school uniforms because it makes them feel special and develops a sense of belongingness. As a matter of fact, teachers see wearing of school uniform a passive way of letting students express their individuality other than wearing fashionable clothing. Furthermore, educational institutions stressed that the use of school uniform acts as a simple disciplinary policy and that should be followed and respected by everyone.

The Impact of Wearing School Uniforms in the Lives of Students

Wearing of school uniforms has a positive impact on the academic and behavioral standing of students. Research revealed that violence rate is lesser in schools that impose wearing of uniforms as opposed to other schools that do not have uniforms. Both public and private schools today have own set of uniforms, but is greatly appreciated in private schools. Wearing of school uniform is considered a school tradition and in fact a significant part of the school’s history.

If you are in an educational institution, you have to wear school uniform regardless of your family name, income, or social status. The school uniform is actually a perfect way for students to feel that they are treated equally. Everybody has this notion in mind that only wealthy people can afford to enroll and study in private schools primarily because of expensive tuition fees. However, not all students studying in private schools are wealthy. In fact, some of them are poor, which are given an opportunity to study there through scholarship program. Hence, if the school has strict implementation when it comes to wearing uniform, then students will be obliged to do so regardless of the social standing. It is actually one way of saying that all students are in equal footing once they are in the vicinity of the school.

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