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In looking for a content management system, there are a lot of things to consider. From cost to features to reliability and security, having a content management system that offers all of the above and more is important to getting the most out of that content management system.

Depending on the size of your company and the industry that you’re in will determine what kind of content management system will work best for you. For example, a larger business will benefit from document management software that combines functionality and interface with integration. Check out some of these content management system companies and see which one might work best for you.

Check Out These Reviews of Three Different CMS CompaniesiDatix

Considered one of the best in the industry, iDatix provides a content management system that streamlines just about everything in your business. For one, iDatix can scan documents and then easily transcribe them, making storage and searching much easier for businesses that use a lot of documents.

iDatix also integrates with all of your business’ software, such as HR applications and accounting applications. That makes things easier for departments such as payroll, as checks can be easily auto filled and documented.

iDatix is also a popular content management software because it allows easy access from everywhere, whether the user is on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. All of the documents are available no matter where you are, so if you need to access a report while in a taxi heading to a meeting then you can with ease.

Large companies such as Tropicana, Capital One, and Kitchen Craft all utilize iDatix, which is why it’s considered one of the top content management systems available for companies.


Another popular document management software that’s available is docSTAR. Just like iDatix, docSTAR has intelligent data capture that easily indexes documents to make them widely available and searchable. docSTAR allows you to email documents while on your phone to different vendors and clients, which is a nice plus if you’re always on the go.

Just like iDatix, docSTAR helps to significantly reduce the paper costs associated with running a business. With everything available in the cloud, sharing documents is done with the click of a button, rather than with the printing of the document. This makes for easier, faster communication for all types of workplace documents.

docSTAR (and all content management systems in general) are great for companies that must comply with regulations that require for the storage of documents. Rather than take up closets full of space, you can easily store whatever you need in the cloud.

Central Desktop

Central Desktop is a much lighter, more affordable content management system that still has some key basic features, although it’s not as advanced as the others that were mentioned. Central Desktop makes collaboration easy by sharing emails, files, plans and more from anywhere. Just like docSTAR and iDatix, it allows for document searching and viewing no matter where you are.

Unlike the other two content management systems, Central Desktop doesn’t offer some features like data capture transcription. It’s fairly simple to use, making it a great choice for smaller businesses.


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