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New serious criticism against the Samsung Company was made by the right groups for the illegal practices of the concern in its Chinese division of suppliers. This was announced on Tuesday, which was soon after the South Korean suppliers admitted that they levied severe fines and excess of overtime for its Chinese employees. In recent times there has been several accusations filed against the illegal practices that was happening to the labors in China.

Most of the foreign companies think China to be a source of millions of cheap labor for their producing units and were treating their employees in a similar manner. The China Labor Watch, a New York based journal said to that the employees at the Samsung suppliers unit were forced to work for up to Sixteen hours in a day and the most drastic thing is that they were given rest only one day in a month. This is so not a thing that is acceptable in our society. As we all know that Samsung Electronics Co. is the largest manufacturer of televisions and cell phones in the global market.

The Company accepted the illegal practices of their 105 supplier residing in China with more than Sixty Five Thousand employees. But the Company also said that they will transform the current situations into a pleasant atmosphere for the employees in just two or more years. Following the auditing procedures the CLW also announced that there were seven child laborers rescued from one of the suppliers of Samsung in the country of China. And Samsung deliberately refused this and said that the audit has no evidence against the company regarding this particular illegal act. Still the Company agreed the several other inadequate practices, such as imposition of fines in case of absence or tardiness by the employees and overtime hours in extra legal regulations.

samsungAccording to the statement that the Company produced it said that, “We have identified the need for initiatives to reduce employee overtime as a top priority, and we are researching and developing measures that will eliminate hours beyond legal limits by the end of 2014,” The China Labor Watch announced on Tuesday that a follow-up investigation revealed the fact that the employees were forced to work for more than three to six times the overtime limit that has been legally admitted.

CLW said in a statement that, “The worst situation is in a Samsung supplier factory called Chitwing Mould Industry (Dongguan) Co., Ltd, where workers’ overtime hours surpass 220 hours per month.Workers here can work up to 15 or 16 hours per day with perhaps one day of rest per month. Samsung uses an audit system to monitor factories, but audits are renowned for their lack of reliability. Instead of audits, Samsung should establish direct channels of communication with its workers, such as worker committees or a worker hotline.”

Samsung announced on Tuesday that there were hotlines set up for the employees to report anonymously regarding any kind of violations of law or any form of inhumane treatments to them by the authority. This would set an example regarding the working practices within other growing multinational investors in China including Apple.


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