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As one of the US’ biggest cable service providers, Comcast was always well placed to diversify and start bundling internet, phone and TV packages together. Initially, the company was providing a well reputed cable network service to 39 of America’s states, enjoying the patronage of more than 24 million subscribers. Now Comcast internet plans have widened the company remit to service a full spectrum of home business, entertainment and connectivity needs.

Comcast digital TV, for example, delivers more than 250 channels in a definition whose clarity is only explained by the fibre optic technology that forms a part of the company’s cabling system. With superb speed on internet delivery, digital TV becomes fast, clear and free from irritating freezes or glitches.

The functionality of the TV system that you get as part of your Comcast internet plans bundle is pretty sweet too. As well as a stock of more than 10,000 movies, which you can find using themed channels like the Impact action movies station, Comcast is delivering a digital video recorder that lets you store either 80 hours of normal programmes, or 15 hours of HDTV.

The high speed internet package included in a bundled Comcast deal lets you enjoy the benefits of that fibre optic cabling, as well as the security benefits that come from having a McAfee Internet Security Suite as part of your deal. There’s enough oomph in a Comcast internet bundle to power all the wireless devices in your home, with no loss of speed or connectivity to any of them.

Comcast internet plans deliver a connection speed that can run as much as four times quicker than a standard DSL linkup. Use FanCast, Comcast’s own online TV streaming hub site, to organise all entertainment you stream online into a single easy to use control centre. Doesn’t matter where you get your entertainment from, FanCast makes sure that you make the most of it without having to visit hundreds of different sites to get what you want.

The name of Comcast’s full package is the Comcast Triple Play. You’ll get TV, phone and internet for one low monthly payment, with all the online benefits that Comcast delivers across all its packages. The telephone system alone is worth the price of the triple package: you get a state of the art digital exchange all of your very own, inclusive of voicemail with web access and web forwarding; call waiting; caller ID; and triple way calling too. The caller ID function included in Comcast internet plans shows the number and ID of your caller on your TV screen.

If you’re interested in getting all of your communications synched, so you can control everything easily from one location and only have to pay for everything with one bill. Then Comcast could well be the provider you have been looking for. The company is superbly placed to deliver high speeds and maximum security – and with the competitive price of its Triple Play package, you are equally well placed to enjoy it all.


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