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How Important Is A Domain Name Post Penguin

Google got very upset with some website owners on its search engine a couple of years ago. It was so upset with the way they were working the rankings system that it introduced a Panda and then a Penguin to keep them in check. You may ask what a cuddly mammal and a waddling bird have to do with page rankings. The answer is simple, they are the method by which Google cuts the ranking of anyone who does not adhere to their Webmaster guidelines.

The latest incarnation, penguin, is an algorithm whose purpose it is to recognize websites that use manipulative techniques to increase their rankings. This could involve excessive links to the pages within the site or the creation of doorway pages whose only purpose is to attract traffic from the search engine. One of the results of this is that companies have had to find new ways of attracting traffic and achieving high Google rankings. Not only has this improved website content, but also has affected the domain names used by companies. It has in turn made ensuring a good choice of domain name more important than ever.  While using a domain search site such as or to begin your website journey there are several things you need to consider:

Make It Memorable

You want a domain name that people are going to recognize the moment they see it. It has to stand out amongst the many thousands of others that may look or sound similar to yours. For instance if you are a furniture removal company, search for companies in this sector on the web, take note of how many there are. Then look at the domain names, which ones stand out to you and why?

Make It Reflective

This doesn’t mean that it has considered its place in the world. It does mean that it should reflect what your business does; the product or service that you offer. Staying with the removals theme, a removals company quite literally moves things from one place to another.  A fitting domain name could be similar to It clearly indicates that movement of some kind is involved, and conjures ideas of freight, shipments, or transportation of one kind or another.

Having a domain name that reflects what your business does has a second purpose. If a user types in search terms that contain your business sector, and those terms just happen to be in your domain name, it increases the chances that your site will be returned early on in the search list.

How Important Is A Domain Name Post Penguin

Make It Short

You don’t want your domain name to be so short that it has no meaning what so ever. But, the longer it is the more likely users are to forget it or misspell it, and to find the site of one of your competitors instead. Instead of using something like, consider a shorter and more easily remembered It still includes a key statement about what the company does, but is a lot easier to remember.

Make It Simple

Try to avoid hyphens and underscores in domain names. It is far too easy for potential customers to add them in the wrong place and end up giving business to your competitors. It is also very easy for them to be put in the wrong place by printers and this could be a costly mistake, especially if you don’t spot it before you begin marketing.

Make It Marketable

You could have the best, most creative and on point domain name in the business. But, if you don’t tell people, if you don’t get the name out there, how will people know you exist. Penguin makes it harder for you to achieve high rankings on the search engine, via searches alone. You need people to look specifically for you. Once they have found your site you need to make them want to stay, take the appropriate actions, return and bring others with them. By showing Google that people really like your website your rankings will improve.

All of this starts with something as small as your domain name. It has often been an afterthought as businesses and individuals have concentrated on the power of SEO and back links to strengthen their position. Now with Penguin domain names are taking central stage and can mean the difference between being found and being forgotten.


Domain Name Post Penguin

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