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You will find that core strength is very important in the game of rugby and this contributes largely to the performance of the player in the field. The core is crucial for the performance of the player as it holds their bodies still. The body of the player is able to receive full force and this gives a lot of strength to the limbs. There are some workout routines that help in improving the performance of the player and allows them to excel in tournaments and games.

From the Diaries of Rugby Lover

Brendan Triplett is an avid lover of the sport of Rugby. He has served in the USA Army as an infantry sergeant and attributes his commitment and passion to his work to the game. He says that he used to play rugby in his high school and college days. He also went to the extent of making his troops play the sport when he was training them. He said most of them loved this decision of his as they took to the game like a duck takes to water. His troops said that their rugby training experience was similar to their military training and this is why they fell in love with the game.

The Importance of Physical Fitness for Rugby

One of the most common exercises in the game of rugby is the Turkish getup. Here, the players need to lie on the floor, they face up next to the dumbbell or kettleball. They press the dumbbell or the kettleball vertically above the shoulder while keeping the elbow locked and the wrist straight. It is important for the player to sit up and bring the foot up to the same side. The foot is then pushed off and turned into a kneeling position on the next leg. The torso is made straight and then the player stands straight. The exercise needs to be repeated. The number of sets will depend upon the physical fitness of the player.

Another exercise that is very popular for the sport is the abdominal brace. Here, the player needs to lie down with the face facing downwards. The toes and the forearms supports the body. The ankles, hips and shoulders should be aligned. The abdominal area of the body should be braced and held for 60 seconds. Once this is done, the hands are placed on the edge of the bench they support the weight of the body with the feet. The vertical torso position needs to be maintained and the body should be lowered till the arms are at an equal distance with the floor. The elbows should be extended and returned to the starting position. This exercise should have at least eight repetitions.

The above are some of the best exercises for players of rugby. In fact they help them players with strength.  If you are looking for some more valuable tips, you may search Brendan Triplett on Facebook and connect with him there. You may also read his blog on Blogspot and get invaluable tips of the game with success!


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