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Crane mats are available in different sizes and shapes. You could purchase various kinds of mats online. However, there are many things to be aware of before making the right selection. The hardwood timber mats are quite popular. They are helpful to move the heavy equipment over ground easily. With the right quality mats, cranes and other heavy equipment can easily travel in areas where it was not possible earlier.
Here are some amazing features of these mats:

  • They protect the environment
  • They will safeguard the underground services and the ground
  • They provide a solid and secure base for the dozers and supporting cranes

Types of mats and how to choose them
If you are working in a heavy equipment field or the construction industry, it is essential to understand the different between different types of crane mats. There is a specific crane mat for every use. If you use a laminated mat for the work that is easily carried by heavy crane mat, you would not be able to get satisfied results. Hence, it becomes quite important to determine the right mat depending on the job.
All you must know about the timber mats
You could get the timber crane mats online for rent or sale. They are wonderful products for the heavy construction equipment. They can be used for various purposes like ditches, bridging streams, crossing the rugged and uneven terrain. Most of them are 12 inches thick.
They are prepared from the hardwoods and oak. Such kind of material will easily withstand the massive pressure without flexing, breaking etc. not only this, they can easily endure the adverse weather conditions. They provide stable and comfortable work surface for the wetlands, marshes, mud and ice. They last for longer period of time and do not split easily. Hence, they provide a reliable option. They are available in range of shapes and sizes. The standard lengths available in the market are 20’, 16’, 24’, 30’ and many others.
The used crane mats are also available online. There are many companies that offer used oak mats, used bridge mats, used laminated mats, used mega deck mats and composite mats. The companies will clean the dirt, dust and the borders before transporting the mats.
We at Spartan mat offer outstanding quality mats for sale. Our aim is to offer supreme quality services to assist our customers. Our team will reach your place to install the mats properly. If you have taken them for rent, our technicians will pick them up when the job ends. We will clean the mats properly to ensure they are transported smoothly across borders. If you find the requirement of more mats during the job, feel free to contact us. Your mats will reach your place in minimum time.
Our team will make sure that all your demands are met in full. You could choose us for the new or used mats and you will never regret. Feel free to visit our website or call our executives.


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