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After 10 long years of waiting, you’ve finally updated your gaming system. Say goodbye to the 360 and say hello to the Xbox One. A completely new system can be a little overwhelming at first, even if you are staying within the Microsoft family.

In sheer power and performance, the Xbox One’s hardware overshadows the 360, letting you play newer games faster and with fewer glitches. Its user interface mimics what you’d find on a Windows 8 computer, which is another thing to get used to; as is the fact that you now have access to the Xbox One’s exclusive games. Halo 5, Inside, and Project Spark are on your list of things to check out, but as you’re slowly familiarizing yourself with your newest system, one thing takes precedence over buying another new game. It’s customizing your gaming experience.

Most of that will be done internally, as your personalize your gamertag with a profile and avatar that you want others to know you by. You’ll be busy following specific missions to direct your characters through your ideal plot. As your do so much to create a unique experience online, don’t forget about reality. Be sure to add personalizing the console to your list!

That’s right—just like your gamertag online you can personalize your Xbox One in your living room. But you’re not going to get any help from Microsoft. They don’t care if your console, Kinect box, and controller looks exactly like everyone else’s. You’re going to need some help from a skin manufacturer to create a distinctive gaming system.

A skin is the best way to customize your Xbox One console, as it does nothing to affect the machine itself. Unlike a permanent paint job or a bulky plastic case that covers important ventilation, an Xbox One skin is a temporary addition to the machine itself. It sits flush against the body of your console and can be peeled off any time you want to unearth the original style of the machine. It leaves no messy residues, so you can immediately reapply it or wait until you have a new skin to cover up your system.

While on, it complements the style of your Xbox, working with the controller’s toggles, the Kinect’s digital reader, and the console’s ventilation system. You never have to worry about it interfering with your game play. You can count on it to fit—and to look good! Be sure to check out to see the style options available. You can outfit your Xbox exactly how you want. Does that mean you match your sophisticated décor with a fashionable black leather and zebra wood combo, or do you create a distinctive color scheme that matches your gamertag? There’s no right or wrong answer—as long as you like it, anything goes.

Once you have a cool custom design adorning your newest system, you can tick off one more thing about your Xbox One. The best part of it all, it doesn’t just look great—it protects your machine too. While an Xbox skin transforms your console into something totally ‘you’, it also saves your system from accidental damages that can scuff, scratch, and depreciate your machine! So start creating your customized skin sooner rather than later, so you can get used to your new system in style!


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