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E-mail Marketing as the name implies is a kind of marketing, approached through e mails. It has become a very popular tool of marketing. Day by day more and more people are using this method to promote their products. This is as simple as sending e mails to prospective customers. There is no need of employing an expensive SEO company for ranking you up. But you have to do necessary home work to collect the e mail addresses of your prospective customers. But there are certain procedures and rules and regulations of the game.


Firstly mind, you are not always a welcome guest in the inbox of your receiver. So be as precise as it can be and it should be able to arouse interest in the mind of the recipient. If there are any privacy protecting regulations, it is better to go for opt-in mails. In opt-in mails you have to take prior permission for sending mails to the customer.

Another marketing scheme is not to forget old customers. It is a good practice to send mails to old customers wishing on special occasions. This keeps the base intact.

You can also give ads to other business mails in order to reach the customers.

Email Marketing Conversion rate is an important parameter to judge the effectiveness of e mail marketing. Say out of one hundred e mails you could get only one order. So your conversion rate works out to be 1%. Also this conversion rate may very often be a misnomer. Consider that you get a conversion rate of 2.5% for e mail marketing for some low value product whereas 1% for a high value product. If you consider return on investment concept, you find that 1% conversion rate of high value marketing campaign fetches you a good ROI. ROI being the main indicator of prosperity in a business should be given more weighting.

Some e mails are given as information to the customers to increase the customer base. Here the conversion rate cannot be measured. A survey of the extent of interest of the people towards the product can be an indicator.

Conversion rates are also used to judge the effectiveness of different e mail campaigns. This can be used to decide which campaign may need termination. Sometimes two sorts of mails are designed to examine which one yields better result. The mail with lower yield is then discontinued.

Most experts believe that a conversion rate of 1 to 5% is a realistic rate. Among other online marketing options, e mail marketing has the following advantages: It is very cheap with no postage cost and other exposure costs. A very small cost is incurred which is insignificant. Opt-in mail customers are interested in the product or the service, because they willingly sign up. So the mail reaches only the target customers. This leads to high conversion rates. By using mail mergers, specific customer can be targeted. By segmenting e mail list the information about the subscriber can be collected.

Mobiles are now provided with internet facility. So e mails can directly reach the customers through call to action button click.

E mails are easy to design. Simple is the best. With the efficient e marketing software, e mails are traceable. The subscribers can easily share the promotion to their friends and family thereby increasing the market base by introducing your business to new market.

E mail works instantly. Results of a new campaign can be found in a minute. E mail promotes 24 hours-sales and creates a sense of urgency. It is worth spending on e mail marketing as it is said that for $1 investment in e marketing yields $50.

Writer owns a business and has adapted email marketing for his business and has been pretty successful.


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