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For the best experiences of video streaming, Wowza Media Systems is the correct destination. The backbone of the industry is the Wowza media server which enables high quality streaming to multiple devices. With the Wowza platform, the users can be presented with the best quality streaming on their devices, that too at affordable costs.


What actually is this Wowza software?

The Wowza Media Server is software that provides great performance along with highly valuable streaming media. This video software is made to be compatible with almost all screens – be it android, iPhone, iPad, and tablets, Mac, PC or other Smartphone. With this high compatibility, the Wowza Media Server is able to make media streaming and video watching cost effective and easy for any screen present in the industry.

Features and specifications of Wowza media server

The features of Wowza Media Server are many which make it the apt platform to be used. These include

1. The HTTP Origin, this is the ideal choice for streaming of media into larger regions. Hence this feature makes Wowza Media Server eligible to be used for large audiences as well as huge areas.

2. MediaSecurity is another feature which has been integrated so as to assure that the streaming is completely secure.

3. The Digital Rights Management manages that there is no encryption issues associated with on demand streaming or live video streaming.

4. The Silverlight Mutlicast Player assures that the multicasting from Wowza media server to any Silverlight Desktop can be done with any hurdles. These features are the ones which give Wowza Media Server one of the prime positions in the video streaming industry.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the Wowza software has a lot of other things which make it capable. The multi track audio channel selection provided by this software makes it easier for people communicating in different languages. Also it enables live stream and recording so that the one can record a live stream for viewing at a later period.

The positives and what makes it top the list in this area

The competitor of Wowza Media Server is the Adobe FMIS 4.5. But when one sits to compare the two, the advantages of the Wowza software become all the more apparent. The Wowza Media Server is used for all devices like iPhone, iPad, QuickTime, Silverlight, IPTV and the like. While Adobe can service iPhone and iPad, it can go no further and so is not able to the others.

The high quality service that is provided by the Wowza media server can be vouchsafed for by the powerful customer set it has. It is associated to big names in many industries. In the field of education rowan University, University of Sussex; Service providers like Swisscom and StreamUK; while social media websites like Dailymotion and EarthCam. Apart from these, there are enterprises, government bodies and Houses of worship associated with Wowza and hence one can be completely sure that the quality of its product cannot be doubted.


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