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Mobile phones have come a long way since the first call was made on a hand held device by a Motorola executive way back in 1973. With modern phones quickly approaching the size and weight of a credit card; why some phones had aerials and bulky charging units and why there were so few styles in the past. Earlier, a mobile phone was only capable of making phone calls, and people wondered what the point of even that was at the time. Nowadays, a mobile phone is considered basic if it can only send animated gifts rather than fully fledged photos along with SMS text messages, which have long since overtaken actually spoken words as our mobile communication method of choice. Basic functionality has massively improved and increased and now mobile we are dependent on mobile phones for simple things such as checking the time or date and doing basic calculations.

Looking for a right phone

Early innovations in mobile communications were only able to create one basic mobile phone. Fast forward 40 years and the number of mobile phone manufacturers has multiplied to an astounding degree, with each brand offering a plethora of different hand set designs and updates to existing models. All of these different makes and models of phones will have different capabilities and can vary wildly in what they can do. Finding the right phone can be somewhat of a struggle that necessitates navigating a maze of mobiles.


The savvy shopper can find the ideal handset quickly though, by making a shopping list. People planning on purchasing a mobile phone should sit down and consider what they are going to use it for. If a person has no interest in anything other than being able to make calls and send texts, a shop should soon be able to point them in the direction of the most basic handsets. Business customers who need to be able to read and respond to emails and even review spreadsheets on the move will also find phones designed specifically to cater to them, with full QWERTY keyboards. People who want basic functionality combined with fun extras like games and internet access will find touch screen Smartphone are just the ticket.

Getting a good deal

Mobile phones can be expensive but good phone deals (Offerte Telefono) are not too hard to come by for those who know where to look. Once the model of the phone is decided, different stores can be seen for the same. Price comparison websites are a good way to compare the phone deals to be found on the internet and check at a glance how many minutes, messages and megabytes of data each deal includes and easily determine which best suits their needs – big talkers will want a deal with more minutes, those who l.ike to message will like the deals with more free messages. Thus, one can select the deal which suits the needs and offer the best value.


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