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Facebook has invaded the lives of billions of people, and those people have let it. Nowadays, Facebook has modified their applications so that they can work on whatever type of mobile device you’re hauling around. This could mean any phone or tablet, whether Android or Apple. Facebook Messenger is now available for the omnipresent iPhone. As always, Facebook makes itself free, by which it can be the premiere choice for everyone.

This new Facebook Messenger has been formatted to work with iOS, the operating system that comes with iPhones, iPad, and iPodTouches. Since everyone either has a Facebook profile, or symbolically refuses to get involved in the Facebook Revolution, and since everyone has a cellphone, the two combined mean that you are integrated into the global network wherever you go.

Facebook Messenger for iOS makes the interconnection even more intense with a new integrated system that allows for both traditional chatting and SMS text messaging all through its Facebook interface.

Of course, the domination of the market depends on the users submitting to the Facebook world. The Facebook Messenger allows you to chat with other friends who are online at the moment. For SMS text messaging, it goes into friends’ profiles in order to find their cell phone number, instead of searching in your phone’s directory. This can definitely be a pro, particularly if you have outdated numbers stored in the phone’s memory banks.

The chatting is fast. Text transfers rapidly between users with this free application. It is to be expected, considering the resources Facebook is working with. When your iPhone is in your pocket, you will be alerted to new SMS texts or incoming lines of chat. Alerts can be turned off, or reduced from a ring to a vibration.

Users also have the option of deactivating a few other features. For instance, if users are fearful of losing their iPhone, they can disable to automatic syncing that takes place when they upload the Facebook Messenger application. This way, their Facebook privacy is assured.

Users may also disable notifications altogether by means of a small cog icon over the top border of chat windows. The great part is that users can turn off notifications for a determined amount of time, say, the 8 hours that they need to sleep. Also, conversations can be selectively muted, meaning that the user can shut off a conversation of lesser importance, but keep an important one alerting.

Finally, there is a physical location annotation, showing your friends where you are in the world. Users can see their friends’, but they can also choose to hide their current location. That’s the last positive of the Facebook Messenger, but it does have its faults.

Apart from the lack of profile pictures in some cases of chat, there are many duplicate messages, and the app brings up yesterday’s messages every time it’s switched on. Finally, there’s no list of online friends.

Overall, this is the future, so why not adhere?



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