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In today’s world, probably the most essential portable object for one’s everyday life is a cell phone. Day by day, they are getting embedded in the fast moving life. This applies especially to the high gadget cell phones that can perform several types of indispensible functions. But, these types of cell phones also require extensive care and maintenance.

Now, whenever it comes to the term- ‘high gadget cell phone’, the one word that comes in mind to many is “iPhone”. This is one cell phone that has been creating history for being popular among all social classes. Well, one of the reasons for iPhone’s popularity is its durability. But, iPhones do require certain maintenance for ensuring optimal level of performance. Taking good care of an iPhone is really important not only because it is an expensive gadget but also because it holds one’s valuable resources and collection of contacts. There are number of tips regarding the maintenance of iPhone. Some of the important ones are given below:

Keep Your Speaker & Microphone Areas Clean

One important thing to remember about iPhone is that its speaker is placed at the left side and the microphone is placed at the right side. Sometimes one may find that, someone is unable to hear any sound. In such cases the user may think that the sound system is damaged but probably the reason is that the holes are congested with dust or other waste particles. So, it is important to know these placements and try to keep these areas free of any debris.

Use Hard Casing

There are certain places on iPhone where the plastic cover gets thin such as the headphone jack and dock connector. A common problem is that after a certain period of use, cracks start to appear in these areas. To prevent this, usera should use hard casing for their iPhone. Moreover, one should also use a skin protector on the screen to save it from scratches.

Maintain the Right Temperature

Another important thing to remember is that iPhone is really sensitive to temperature. Especially, the battery performance largely depends on its surrounding temperature. So to maintain its performance, one should never expose his or her iPhone to a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more and 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Maintaining this range is extremely important and users need to continuously check whether the iPhone is heating up or not. Reason for the heat can be either from the iPhone itself or may be because of the reflected heat from the sun.

Manage the Charge of the Battery

Another common problem that an iPhone user may face is that the phone is not getting a full charge. The reason may lie in the particular chips of the phone. To solve this problem, first the battery should be allowed to go completely dead. Then it has to be charged to the full. Now, the process has to be repeated. This process could help the chips to sync up.

These are some very useful ways to maintain your iPhone in pristine condition. One should follow these tips in order to make sure that his/her iPhone is being maintained properly so that it can be used for a long time.


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