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The new HP EliteBook 8460p is quite graceful in looks. The overall appearance of this laptop is quite similar to those of its previous models. The laptop is constituted of the latest generation processor of Intel Core i5-2520M of 2.5GHz. It is provided an extra turbo boost speed and goes up to 3.2GHz. The laptop has been provided with a RAM of 4GB. In addition, it has the 64-bit edition of Windows 7 Professional. /this laptop has also been equipped with Radeon HD 6470M mobile GPU. The size of the screen of this laptop is 14 inch and weighs around 5.5 pounds making it the smallest laptop models among the EliteBook. If you wish to play some heavy games on it, you would have to reduce the resolution as well as the detailed settings up to a great extent. In addition, you would have trouble in playing the latest generations games on this laptop in spite of it having the Radeon HD 6470M.

There are a lot of protection software’s that can be found in this laptop. One fo the softwares is facial-recognition. This would work in collaboration with the Bluetooth in order to authenticate that the person trying to login is actually you or someone else. This makes the user to be confident enough while they are using the internet on their laptops. Basically, the laptop is for the users who require use it for business purposes. This is not the product to be purchased for the purpose of playing games or other casual uses. In order to support the users that are using it for business purposes, there are various kinds of software’s installed in it. The battery time offered by this laptop is 5 hours which is good enough. This laptop has made the score of 124 in the WorldBench 6. However, generally the performance of this laptop is neither too good nor too bad. The touchpad contained in this laptop is nice and impressive. This is not too much sensitive which is good otherwise it creates a problem while you are typing and even the slightest touch would take you away somewhere else. Both the buttons of the touchpad are placed very well. The keyboard is perfect, responds very well and gives a very nice feeling you are typing. The screen resolution offered by this laptop is 1366 by 768. The overall quality of the video of this laptop is perfect and impressive. The screen of the laptop has a dull finishing and because of the color distribution the display become more prominent.

If you play movie on it, the sound quality would be felt to be fine. However, otherwise the sound of the speakers is not good. This laptop has been provided with two USB 3.0 ports. In addition, one port supports USB 2.0. Another port in this laptop is for combo eSATA. On the whole, this is a nice product for those who want to have it for business purposes. The performance, display and the exterior, all are nice and attractive.


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