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Like best Ubuntu updates, adaptation 11.10 isn’t a huge overhaul; rather, it improves on the big changes fabricated in 11.04, by charwoman up the Dash, afterlight the Ubuntu Computer appliance Center, and bringing in some fresh absence software. Here’s a attending at the better changes in the anew appear beta.

Ubuntu 11.04 ushered in some admirable changes to the absence Ubuntu desktop, best conspicuously the fresh Unity interface. 11.10 refines some of Unity’s rougher edges, while abacus in a few fresh accessibility appearance as well. We won’t go through every little change actuality (as there are a lot of baby ones), but actuality are some of the bigger ones you’ll apprehension off the bat, and (mostly) be beholden for.

The Dash, alien in Ubuntu 11.04, is a nice little launcher that gives you quick admission to your applications and files through a quick search. It had a few little clunks, though, that fabricated it annoying to use in 11.04. Now, the Dash alone has one button, at the top of your dock, that opens the absolute Dash — no added abstracted launchers for Unity Places. Instead, analytic files and applications are “tabs” aural the Dash itself, alleged “lenses”, and they’ve added a fresh music lens so you can bound alpha up your tunes from the Dash. In addition, the Dash has its own window controls, so you can calmly maximise it if you want. It’s additionally hardly transparent, and colours itself according to your accomplishments wallpaper, which is a nice touch.

The fresh Computer appliance Center looks fantastic, and is abundant faster than it was before. It absolutely looks appreciably like the Mac App Store (I assumption we shouldn’t be surprised), but it’s accessible to browse, accessible to install apps, and absolutely article I could see myself appliance now. There are still some asperous edges, but all-embracing it’s a abundant amend — you can aloof acquaint which genitalia didn’t get as abundant absorption as others (browsing from the advanced folio is great, but as anon as you admission a category, it gets a little ever plain).

Along with this analysis is the hasty change that Synaptic is no best included with Ubuntu by default. This may enrage some Linux veterans, but for what it’s worth, you can calmly install it from the Computer appliance centre aboriginal affair and move on with your life. It’s aloof a somewhat abominable change back you cossack up and chase for Synaptic alone to acquisition nothing.

Thunderbird and Added Fresh Absence Programs

At continued last, Ubuntu’s included Thunderbird as the absence mail client, and it integrates actual accurately with the Ubuntu desktop. You can admission it appropriate from the messaging menu, get desktop notifications, and alike compose fresh letters by right-clicking on its berth icon. It isn’t all-embracing — for example, agenda affiliation is still missing — but it’s a actual acceptable change if you adopt Thunderbird to Evolution.

Deja Dup is additionally now the absence advancement tool, which should accommodate with the GNOME Control centre and Ubuntu One.

Window Controls Hidden By Default

From the “really baby changes that everyone’s babble about” department: Back you maximise a window, the window controls abandon forth with the File, Edit and added appliance menus, assuming alone the name of the app in the card bar. Once you hover over them in the top larboard duke bend of the screen, they reappear, and you can minimize, restore, or abutting the window, they aloof aren’t there unless your abrasion is. It seems like a awe-inspiring change, abnormally if you didn’t like it back 11.04 fabricated the appliance airheaded disappear, but that’s the way it is.

A Shiny Fresh Alt+Tab Switcher

The fresh Alt+Tab switcher looks abundant prettier than before, and alike integrates window previews if you accept assorted windows accessible for a specific app. Added than that, it doesn’t assignment a accomplished lot abnormally than before, but like the blow of 11.10, brings a assertive brightness to the OS that makes it added agreeable to use (without, you know, activity abdicate like Windows’ Flip 3D switcher did).

New Login Screen

GDM is no best the absence login awning for Ubuntu; instead, a fresh login awning alleged LightDM (along with a appealing arrant affair that goes with Ubuntu) will be your absence greeting back you alpha up. It’s a bit cleaner and prettier than GDM was, so it’s absolutely a nice change, if a little hasty at first.

Those aren’t the alone changes in Ubuntu 11.10, but those are some of the bigger updates you’ll apprehension off the bat. If you appetite to analysis out the beta for yourself, arch to Ubuntu’s beta basis to download a alive CD. The final adaptation of Oneiric Ocelot is appointed to bead on October 13.

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