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Businesses and organizations of all types rely to a large extent on internal computer networks. These link up different computers within an organization so that data can be shared from one computer to another. They may be internally wired networks, or networks that are structured in the cloud to take advantage of the possibility of remote web storage. For the many organizations that rely on these networks, the thought of a malicious attack or hack is terrifying. With the potential for network disruption and data loss, these are risks that simply cannot be taken by those responsible for maintaining these systems.

Network security degree programs are among the best points of entry into this subject. Not everyone has the benefit of a network security degree, or even a more basic formal education in this area. So for those without the relevant contextual knowledge, how possible is it to build a working, usable insight into network security?


The Internet is probably the most practically straightforward place to start your search for information on network security. Before you can begin to think about securing your network, you must firstly understand the basics, and the types of vulnerabilities that can cause you problems. There are some great resources online that can help provide basic direction to you for this kind of study. The more you read, the more knowledge you can develop, which will help you start to think critically about setting up and securing your own networks.

Similarly, books on network security can be a useful tool for establishing this base knowledge. The trouble with books is that they are, by definition, out of date. They will teach you the fundamentals, but they can never hope to compete with the fast-changing online world. By the time a book is printed, you can bet that criminals have devised new ways to exploit networks. For this reason, books can only really help supplement your basic knowledge of computer and network security issues.


Unfortunately, base knowledge of network security is never going to be enough to make the grade. Those responsible for hijacking networks are constantly evolving in their methods and processes. In order to keep your network secured, you need to move at a similar pace, and this means keeping on top of the latest developments in the industry. Network security conferences and seminars are useful in this sense for keeping up to date with the latest thinking.

Unless you have the time to devote to your own research in this area, listening to presentations and forums on network security can be a good way to generate ideas for best protecting your setup.

Network security is an important and growing area of interest. Big businesses and organizations in particular are under constant threat, from cyber terrorists and criminals alike. Only through building and supplementing your knowledge as a network administrator can you hope to develop solutions that protect against these problems.


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