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Road TripEscaping all of your responsibilities for just a short while is a dream that is held by a great number of people. Being able to drive out on the open road and go wherever fancy takes you can help transport the soul back to its primitive roots. A largely selfish act, the road trip is almost a rite of passage and should be enjoyed to its’ maximum, here are five technologies to help you achieve the greatest road trip of your life, leaving the sim card at home.

Google Music

Every great road trip movie has a classic soundtrack and every classic road trip has been played out to the backing of great music. Rather than entrusting your music choices to the lottery of the radio or taking a couple of hundred of CDs with you, simply download Google Music for free. Google Music allows you to upload your entire music library online. You can access this with any device with an internet connection. Hook a smartphone up to the internet and you will have full access to all of your tunes.


The much-maligned Siri on iPhones is an application to fuel whims rather than make important decisions. This makes it perfectly suited to the road trip, follow the Siri-supported whims and follow the roads that otherwise you may have ignored. This will add to the sense of adventure and wonder as you follow the influence of an impartial party.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are of great use to those who have rented a car or wish to re-sell their car in the future. The prolonged smoking of cigarettes can lead to a smell becoming entwined in the upholstery, which could risk the terms of the rental or could lower the re-sale price. E cigs do not emit smoke so do not leave such a trace. By investing in a car charger for the e cig, you can keep it fully powered at all times. The E cig is also far more cost effective that traditional cigarettes, allowing the road-tripper to free up funds elsewhere.

A High Quality Camera

There is a good chance that this road trip will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the opportunity to witness some of the sights may never come around again. Capture these moments with a high-definition camera so you can keep them with you forever. You will be able to share the adventures that you had with friends and family.

Electronic Toiletries

It is important for both health and appearances to take sufficient toiletries on a road-trip. Without these, the road-tripper can soon look dirty and dishevelled. Electronic toothbrushes and razors are important to maintain appearances and the former helps retain dental care. The latter can be ignored if the road-tripper hopes the attain the classic drifter look



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