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As you settle down in your sofa of an evening to watch some television action do you ever consider how far the humble TV set has come in the last few years? It may be something which we don’t think about much but high definition images, huge screens and 3D presentation are all innovations which would have seemed incredible not so long ago.

Things aren’t going to stop here though, not by a long shot. There are plenty more ideas which we can expect to see come to life soon, such as these.

Smart Sets

In what way could your television be smarter? Well, it is unlikely to ever be smart enough to automatically change channels when the face of the TV gardener or celebrity chef you least like comes on. However, you could use voice control to get things done, download applications from the internet and use it to do a lot of things you PC does for you right now. We are well on the way with most of these developments and it is a fairly safe bet that you will soon be hooked up to the internet with your television if you aren’t already.

Better Images

We already mentioned 3D, HD and big screens so what else could happen to make the images on your television even more lifelike? A lot has been said about the possibility of TVs which project hologram images and this certainly makes us wonder what the famous scene of Princess Leia as a hologram would look like on a real hologram telly. However, perhaps it is more likely that first of we all we see more mundane sounding enhancements which give us a better image without drastically altering the way we view it.

Where’s the Screen?

One innovation we are already starting to see is with hidden screens or screens which are cleverly incorporated into the home. You can now get a television which turns into a mirror when you don’t use it and others which look like anything other than television screens. The TV you use in 10 or 20 years time will probably not look anything like the one you use today.

Better Integration

Do you remember the days when the television set was the centre of the living room? These days this is not always the case, as the rise of mobile phones, computers and TV sets in every room means that it is often used a lot less than before. However, the next generation of sets could integrate your music, your photos and plenty of other elements which make it the focal point of the room again. Even if you don’t actually watch all that much television on it there is a very good chance that it becomes a vital part of the home again.


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