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If you want to cut through tough materials like 2x4s, plywood and various other building materials, a circular saw is a must have. Other basic saws are fine if you rarely get out and cut wood, but the vast majority of people will have multiple uses for a circular saw throughout a calendar year. Circular saws are designed to make quick work of most wood and they do so with a minimal amount of headaches. If you attempted the same amount of woodcutting with a handsaw, you would quickly learn the value of a solid circular saw in the old woodshed.

Key Features To Look For When Buying A Circular Saw

The first thing you want to figure out is whether you want to go with a corded or cordless circular saw. Both have advantages of course, but corded models are going to be what you need for heavy duty building. Cordless models are fine for small jobs that use lightweight wood. This article assumes that you went with a corded model as most people do.

Once you determine that you want a corded circular saw, then you have to decide if you want a smaller or larger saw. The smaller saws are usually fine for the average user while the larger (worm drive) saws are for much heavier jobs. DIY types will generally only need a regular sized circular saw. Usually only professional carpenters need the worm drive saws.

Finding a Reasonable Price

Circular saws can be had for twenty five bucks on up to several hundred dollars. Generally speaking they will run you about a hundred dollars for a good circular saw for a DIY type of job. Most folks search online for the best deals and then compare them to their local stores. You can often find a great deal locally if you are willing to look around. Even pawn shops are good sources for a decent circular saw although you should check it out well before purchase.

A Safety Warning

Circular saws are most certainly dangerous as they are capable of cutting through your fingers as quickly as that pile of wood. There are very specific safety instructions that come with all circular saws and you should spend a good deal of time making yourself familiar with them before diving into cutting. These instructions are there for a reason and can save you a ton of grief and maybe even a finger or two.

Circular saws are certainly a must have for the average homeowner and certainly is a necessity for DIY type people. If you plan on doing any type of wood cutting in the near future, owning a good circular saw makes great sense. The ease of use and excellent results are worth the small investment that is required. Woodworking is a great hobby and a circular saw is one of the most basic tools needed to enjoy doing it.

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