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One of the major differences between just a simple blog and a successful blog is the traffic the latter receives. A successful blog must be a traffic magnet and would attract a great number in terms of traffic, leading to the success of the blog, and the website if it is a part of it.

For business websites, blog is of crucial importance. A web marketing company would always recommend its clients to have a blog. However, the blog is of no use if it does not attract traffic to the website. The lines below give some golden tips in attracting traffic towards a blog.

1. Shareable Content:

When writing content for the blog, try to make sure that the content is such which your audience would be willing to share further on other platforms. The more shareable a content is, more traffic would it receive. Factors that can help in making the content more shareable include but are not limited to:

  • Infographics
  • Interesting videos
  • Attractive images
  • Collection of figures and facts

2. Identifying Target Audience and Participating:

To get your target audience to know about your blog you need to identify the forums, blogs, and social media platforms where your target audience gathers and discusses phenomenon related to your niche. Once you have identified the locations, the next step is to start participating at such platforms, so that your target audience may get to know about your existence. With healthy participation you can surely turn the traffic towards your own blog.

3. SEO-Friendly Content:

Search engines are the richest source of traffic; however, bloggers ignore their importance and look for other sources of traffic. Making your content SEO friendly is a great way in which you can attract your share of traffic from search engines. Follow the search engine instructions for keywords density and the uniqueness of content along with its sharing and you can attract great traffic from search engines.

4. Social Media For Content Dissemination:

Social media profiles are a great way of content dissemination across a larger audience. You can take any of the content and share it on your social media profile, or on social media groups related to your niche or related topic of discussion and have the users there come to your blog.

5. Use of Analytics:

You need to install Google Analytics on your blog to gain insight to the sources of traffic. After installation and integration of analytics, you can find about the posts that attracted traffic and the origin of it, and repeat the successful process.

6. Keyword Research:

Whenever writing any post related to your niche, it is necessary to conduct a keyword research. Every SEO services company would recommend doing so, as including the keywords that trigger queries into your post leads to higher chances of visibility in SERPs.

7. Social Sharing Communities:

Social sharing communities the likes of StumbleUpon and Reddit are a great source of generating traffic. You just need to share valued content there and the traffic will follow to your blog.

8. Guest Posting:

Guest posting and allowing others to guest post on your blog is one of the most authentic and best ways to generate traffic to your blog. When you guest post, you can attract traffic from the particular blog to your website, and allowing others to post on your blog increases the chances that they would bring their traffic to your blog.

Bottom Line:

Blog with quality content and proper dissemination can be regarded s a great tool of traffic generation for a website. Therefore, every business that has a website must have a blog and have it properly optimized for greater benefits.


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