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Apple is in for an update of its MacBook Air this summer with the inclusion of Intel’s sandy Bridge processors. The MacBook Air upgrading is expected in June according to sources.The Sandy Bridge processor would be a huge add on to the MacBook Air, which currently incorporates a Core 2 Duo chip, which has been used since its introduction about three years ago. That three year span puts Core 2 Duo chips two generations behind the Sandy Bridge. This MacBook and the MacBook Pro also use Core 2 Duo processors.

MacBook Air

Apparently PC makers are all eager to ship systems with the latest Intel processor because it speeds up the gaming graphics and multimedia tasks over current Intel silicon at little or no extra cost. This is due to the fact that the graphics silicon is built directly onto the main processor which is a first for a mainstream Intel chip. With the inclusion of the Sandy Bridge this svelte notebook would run faster and eek out even more battery life.


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