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That lighting plays an important role in any interior is something every one of us is surely aware, even more so when it comes to demanding tasks as learning. It goes without saying that it would be best if natural light could be used at all times, but since the time we spend awake takes at least two thirds of our 24 hour day, providing adequate artificial lighting becomes equally important as making the best out of the natural one. Unlike the natural one, artificial light cannot rely on solely one source if we want to meet all our requirements. This is where a properly chosen task lights come to help us in our studying or working.

Task lighting in general

Task lighting is of tremendous importance when it comes to how effectively and productively any interior work is being performed. Its sole task is to provide sufficient and adequate luminosity when it is need and exactly where it is needed. Task lights, that is, fixtures that provide task lighting, come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials. The most prominent examples are desk lamps, floor lamps, overhead spots, vanity lights, pendants, etc.  Which to choose depends solely on the purpose they are supposed to serve.

Hints On Choosing Proper Task Lights

Which size to choose?

Task lights come in so many different sizes, ranging from miniature book reading lights to enormous 20 inch lamps, for example. The size matters only in terms that it needs to correlate to the size of your working area. What this means exactly is that no corner or edge of your working area is allowed to be in the shade, unless you want it to be. Another important factor when it comes to the size of a task light is to position it properly. After all, what good is a 20 inch lamp if it goes in the wrong direction?

Wattage concerns

How strong a lamp one needs depends primarily on the quality of his or her vision and age. The older a person is the more light is required. However, this does not mean that youngsters do not benefit from suitable task lights. The earlier they start using one, the longer their vision will be unharmed. Also, as we get older our eyes become more sensitive about glare. This is where lamps with controlled beam are of particular assistance. All in all, some experimentation is needed here until you find the perfect wattage. Since poor level of luminosity causes eye fatigue and headaches, it will be well worth the effort.

Hints On Choosing Proper Task Lights

The best lamp to use

As it was said before, there are various types of task lights/lamps. Desk lamps, as the name says it, are meant to be used at desks. As long as they cover your entire working area, they are the best solution. On the other hand, if your working area is larger, floor lamps of sufficient height will be a better solution, advice reputed Sydney-based retailers of floor lamps. Pendants emerge on the scene when the work area needs to be void of any object and overhead spots are best to avoid any shade whatsoever.

Other concerns

Some people may not care too much about style, for others room aesthetics are shoulder to shoulder with any other important feature of task light. If you care about design compactness, the solution is rather simple, play it safe, modern design for modern interiors, traditional for traditional ones. Also, if energy efficiency is your concern, go LED and not halogen. The same choice applies if for the task lights meant for children’s room since halogen lamps tend to get burning hot, while LEDs do not.

Hints On Choosing Proper Task Lights

All in all, a number of concerns that needs to be addressed in order to choose a suitable task light. However, each of them is well worth investing in. Remember, the earlier you start using task lights, the greater the chances are your vision will serve you well longer.


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