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A trip to the cinemas used to be the highlight of the month for me, as I would patiently queue up for my hot dog and fizzy drink before settling down to see the latest big movie. Going in the evening was especially atmospheric, although I do remember struggling to find my car in the darkened car park after midnight a couple of times.

The fact that I have stopped going to the cinema isn’t done to the lack of good films around these days. In fact, quite the opposite is true and I sometimes wish that I had ten pairs of eyes and unlimited leisure time in order to see them all.

No More Cinema for Me

No, I stopped making my monthly trips to the local cinema simply because I don’t have to anymore. Ever since I discovered the quality home cinema options which are around now I have no longer felt the need to pay every time I want to see a new movie.

If you cast your mind back to when people started talking about home cinemas it is amazing to think how far we have come since then. My television gives me 3D and high definition and while it isn’t the biggest around it is still a good size for my cinema room.

Perhaps though it is the sound which has given us the biggest advance in recent years. When I saw the size of the speakers on my system I half expected a horribly feeble sound which would make Arnold Schwarzenegger sound like Donald Duck. I needn’t have worried, as the sound quality is excellent and the sound at the cinema didn’t really seem any better than what I get at home.

Wires or Wireless?

At first I was confused by the wireless aspect of the speakers, as they have wires. However, I don’t mind having a few piddling little wires around if they give me this kind of sound. The same goes for the overall look of the system. I don’t mind it being a cumbersome, plastic thing as long as it lets me enjoy some fantastic action.

Hang on a second though; it isn’t a clumsy looking piece of plastic though, is it? In fact, it is probably the best looking domestic appliance in the house, although my wife has a bit of a soft spot for the coffee machine as well.  This incredible combination of cutting edge technology and great looks means that I always make sure that anyone who comes to my house seems to somehow end up standing in front of it for a few seconds. Don’t worry, if they still don’t see it I casually brush a bit of dust off the top and see if they notice it that way. Having a piece of quality technology in the house just seems to bring out the vanity in even the most modest of us.


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