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10 years ago our mobile phones were defined by their ease of use and whether or not they came with the game ‘Snake’. Now though, they are defined by those helpful, fun and downright strange apps that we can no longer live without. From checking our bank balances, through to offering the chance to play poker on our morning commute, there is an app to suit everyone’s needs.

Hottest Apps Of This Year

So, if you’re are looking for the latest craze or an app to pass the time, here are the hottest apps for this year.

Betsson Mobile

One of the best things about today’s apps is the freedom of choice they bring. Maybe you love classic casino games, or you are a sports betting fan; well now you can have a go at both through the mobile version of the Betsson site. The first thing to note when downloading this app, is that it is a carbon copy of the original site which offers users access to the full interface.

This app incorporates some of the old favorite games such as roulette and blackjack, as well as new and fun twists on classic games. On top of this, you will also have access to sports betting from a range of games such as hockey, basketball and football. You can place your bets from wherever you are = perfect.

Instant Heart Rate

There are more and more fitness apps appearing in marketplaces around the globe. Many will calculate calories burned, or tell you exercises you should be doing. There aren’t many out there that actually measure how hard your body is working – until Instant Heart Rate was released. However useful this app may be, it is how it reads your heart rate that is the most impressive part. The app will use the camera on your Apple device and measure the changes in coloration as your blood flow increases and decreases. This will give you an accurate recording of your heart rate and how hard you are working.

Considering the basic version of the app is available for free (the full version is around $1), this is a great download for keeping track of your fitness.

Marvel Unlimited

Reading on a morning commute is a great way to pass the time, but what about if you love your comics/graphic novels, but don’t want to damage them? Well, as with everything in our lives, there is an app that can give you all your favorite comics from the convenience of your phone.

Marvel Unlimited is the subscription service for the famous brands digital comics. There is a subscription charge, which is $9.99 a month, but for die hard comic book fans what could possibly be better? The back catalogue on this app is huge, from Captain America through to Daredevil, all your favorites in one easy to use place = perfect.

Snoop Lions Snoopify

Photo sharing apps have become the latest craze this year, with many to choose from. By far the standout app in this category has to be Snoop Lions Snoopify. Snoopify differs from other photo apps as it lets you customize your images with stickers before sharing the images on your social sites.

Some stickers are free, love hearts, stars and even stamps. Some you have to pay for in packs, where you will get a variety of stickers and fun photo embellishments to make your pictures really stand out. This app is perfect for those of us that live our lives on Facebook and enjoy getting creative in the process.



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