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Almost everyone that has ever used the internet has come across an infographic at some point or another, even if they were not specifically looking for one. This is due to the fact that over the last few years infographics have become incredibly popular and are continuously being shared through social media. In fact the chances are that if you are a user of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Reddit you have come across infographics on all kinds of different topics. It often feels as though topics that infographics haven’t covered are becoming pretty scarce. But what exactly is it about infographics that make them so shareable? Read on to find out.

Awesome Data

One of the main aspects of infographics that makes them so shareable is the data that they contain. This is because the data that they use highlights interesting facts and figures that have been picked specifically to amaze and provide value to viewers of the infographic. Providing data in this way removes the need for viewers to sift through pages and pages of boring reports, before they get to the heart of the data. The majority of infographic viewers appreciate this and as a result are happy to the share the infographic in question. Without a doubt infographics that contain awesome data and more likely to be shared than those that do not.

Fantastic Design

Why Are Infographics So Shareable?

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The design work of infographics is something else which makes them so shareable. This is because an infographic that has been designed well allows readers to interact and engage with the subject of the infographic, thus making the information contained within them easier to remember. A fantastically designed infographic directs viewers through the infographic, helping to tell a story or get a certain message across. These are the reasons why the design work of infographics is so important. If you are thinking of creating one yourself and you know you aren’t outstanding when it comes to design it is best to seek the help of someone who is. A company like Infographic World, or someone who has past experience in creating infographics would be a good call.

Quick and Easy To Understand

How quick and easy infographics are to understand is probably the main reason they are so shareable. They turn large amounts of complex data into more manageable snippets of information and present it in a way that makes it accessible to all. Even if the viewer of an infographic has no prior knowledge of the subject area, a good infographic will be able to make them understand it. This makes infographics shareable because it helps them to reach a wider audience, not just the people who are already experts or knowable about the topic of the infographic.

Embedded Social Media Buttons

Last but not least, something that really helps the shareability of infographics is the fact that they almost always have social media buttons embedded in them. This makes it incredibly easy for viewers to share an infographic to social media websites in a single click. Once an infographic has been shared to one of these sites it greatly increases the chances of it getting viewed and shared further; possibly even helping to make the infographic go viral.

All of the things outlined above are what make infographics so shareable. If you are aiming to create an infographic just make sure that they do all of these things and you will have a super shareable infographic.


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