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Gone are those days when you had to wait for 18 or 20 years, to obtain an expertise degree to hold a professional tag. Now you post something of 110 words on Facebook, people follow you through their comments and posts, and you are a “Blogger”. Tweet on your Twitter profile, often it happens that a thread of comments follow your post and you are a Blogger again.



Blogging started with an idea of expressing views and feelings on an online forum, similar to a hand-written diary. But, today blogging helps one to extend a social circle around, which enables one to fetch business through traffic and ads. It helps you to generate leads for your business. You do not actually need to hire a marketing guy for your business if you can’t afford one, you can sell your products and services by making use of blogging platforms. There are many advantages of blogging, here are few of them:

Up-to-date info about any product:

Internet is the biggest platform, where you can expect to increase your knowledge about any kind of product. There are numerous blogging forums, where everyone makes use of their democratic leverages of blogging and express their views about any item or product. So, you can increase your knowledge about almost all products available in the market.

Improves your writing skills:

The writing of your first blog may not be upto the mark, however you will definitely have a flawless flair of writing if you blog on frequent basis. It is not only the continuous writing, which will make you a better writer. We intend to say that internet is very viral in nature which will help you to get continuous feedbacks, these feedbacks will render progress in your writing.

Monetary Benefits:

No one would spend quality time in any activity, if it is not giving anything in return. Blogging is no exception to this fact, bloggers make a lump sum amount by blogging. A quality article would draw traffic to their website this in return, will result in an enhanced sale of their products and services.


Renders solutions:

As it forms a social circle which is not restricted to anyone, different kind of people come together and discuss different sorts of problems & solutions. Sometimes, a problem which appears to be too big to you may have a small solution. If you’re into a habit of reading blogs, you may come across many problems and solutions to fix such issues. This eliminates the trouble of spending time and money, in going to an expert.

Gain popularity:

Bloggers struggle little hard when they hit the ‘blogging’ venture, but in a gradual period of time and hard work they establish themselves as a well-known blogger. They procure an excellent name over the huge network of web based platforms, this fetches them excellent business offers and a great career is set by them.

Blogging helps you to actively participate in global discussions, it doesn’t follow any boundaries. A CEO from Australia may know a blogger from England, it gives high career opportunities and will certainly take your career to an entire new level.

-Authored by Sara Bruce. Sara Bruce is an SEO analyst and an avid Blogger. For other reviews and any tech support related queries, do visit mytechgurus. You can also find our page here mytechgurus.

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