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Technology Made the Human Life Easy

From the dawn of civilization, men have gathered knowledge in various subjects, the stone man came to know the use of iron, and men have just evolved from it in all forms and aspects, today we are standing in the world where everything is based upon technological reforms of the early ages. From the time we wake up in the morning with the bell of alarm clock, by the means our food is prepared, we go to schools and colleges by the means of various transports, and we communicate with the world trough telephones and internet, all nothing but the technology we use. It has now become a part of human life.

Technology Made the Human Life Easy

Technology Made the Human Life Easy

What is it?

Technology can be defined as anything but everything of development, modification, usage, utilization, techniques, style, tools, or methods of performing a certain particular task in a way to make the work feels easy and can be done with less possible efforts. Technology not only a part of human beings but effect the other organism as well, that may be the advancement in the field medical science to high yielding crops and vegetation.

GPS as technological advent

Imagine a situation when we are moving towards an important meeting or going for a job interview or an exam and we got lost in the midway it is then that we look up to our GPS enabled phone for the direction . Global positioning system or GPS in short is kind of technology that help us to find a way anywhere in the world and save us from getting lost. A GPS works mainly in the platform that it is connected to the satellites allover and thus it tracks our position and can tell us where we are, by simply using the radio frequency. GPS is the technology now it is almost mandatory for all transport, be it land, air or water. Not only in the transport but also in every sphere GPS has emerged as the great help to the progress of the nation as a whole like in the arena of national defense and commerce as well. Currently the service is owned and controlled by the United Nation Government but is accessible to all with a receiver device.

Technology as a social boon

In the aspect of the entire human civilization technology has evolved as a boon with its characteristics, related with the development of science, involvement of in the formation of society infused with the multidimensional aspects of cultures and values. Not only this but also it has helped the society in various ways. It helped building various world economies and brought forth the rise of a particular class known as leisure class among us.


Though there always remains the debate of whether technology will come up as real boon or something other in the future with its so many complications associated with it as if technology really improves the human condition in their life or just simply worsens it, is still a matter of discussion. With the evolution and advancement of human civilization there has been significant degradation of the earth’s natural resources and environment.

Description – In this article, the flux of technology has been put forth, with putting little bit of emphasize on the GPS as the technological advent and how it has helped the mankind.

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GPS as technological advent

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