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The android has been ruling the mobile world, everything new and fresh updates for android. It has been great platform use many applications for all kinds persons around the globe. Android providing the best chances to develop any kind of application for the mobiles, these apps is very much useful for us in daily life and it has been proven. For many people reading news in the morning hours is a great habit. Some other people they will not get time to read news their desired topics like sports, political, technical and political. Such kind people are now upgrading themselves to use android news apps, which covers 24*7 news around the globe on different topics. So today, let us see a list top 5 news apps which are very good at covering instant news and daily news on different categories.


It is specially developed for only news updates. The UI of this app is simple and attractive, it is easy to use. A premium app comes with a simple GUI design and extraordinary features. The UI specially designed and changes as responsive design. The design takes a page divided into horizontal rows, which takes main heading feeds of the news, to choose it will open up the complete news article for you. The article selection, categorical selection, locality based news and other categorical news can be selected easily with its unique design.


This is Google’s official app to cover news around the globe. The Google designed it in a unique way; it can bring you news based on your location so you can able to read news what happening around at your location. The newsstand gives breaking news within second’s updates with audio and visual information. You can also read the news offline after choosing it, also it gives a chance to bookmark the page to read the news later.


Another free news app that can customize the RSS news feed. This app has been developed for both android phones and tabs. This user centric app, the user can choose his desired categories of news and articles, the app fetches news and articles for the user based on the his choice. There is an extra option given in this app to share the news onto different social networking sites.


Digg is another popular known news app for android, it remains one of the top application for all the time. Since the application launched its beta version it become more popular than ever, the design makes it look so simple yet elegant and attractive. The font they used to display the news articles also attracts the reader’s eyes. The application developers are also concentrated in providing article related details such like author details.


This application developers considered a point while developing it, many of the job holders nowadays not able to get the time to read their favorite articles. So this app provides an option for such kind people read it later. You can choose your favorite articles from the list and adds them later reading purpose. It saves the content in the device for the later reading so you don’t have to go to internet again for searching about your favorite article.


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