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Today there are many social networking sites in the world. These sites have the maximum data transfer over a period. This statement can simply give an idea of how much people are into it. With the creation of a new social site, the users are getting spread. Earlier Orkut and Facebook were the major social sites. Now with the creation of Tweeter and Google+, users of both sites have completed shifted to these sites completely or for trial basis. Whatever maybe the reason, you definitely know giving up social account is not that easy for serious users. They tend to use the sites at the same time.

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The basic reason behind cling to multiple sites is that you do not have all your friends on a single site. You need to post or share or tweet on the sites to spread you expression with everyone. This can be time consuming as you may need to write and post of separate sites one after the other. Keep your precious time, for there is ways to share your posts on Google+ and Facebook at the same time.

Ways to share your Google+ on Facebook:

1. Using email address from Mobile Facebook

When you activate your Facebook mobile app, you are assigned an email address. Whatever you do on Facebook through mobile, it gets posted through the email address. You can get this address in Facebook mobile page. Now when you share something on the Google+, simply add the email address to the share. Now when you hit the share, the post gets mailed to the email account and then gets posted on your Facebook account as status.

It’s pretty simple to use. But there are some flaws in the method. Firstly it will not be posted immediately. Facebook checks the authentication of the mail. When it gets the green then only it is posted. If it identifies the mail as spam it will not be posted. Another problem you may face is that you cannot post anything that is longer than 60 words simultaneously when you share it on Google+.

2. Extended share using Google Chrome

It is a free app for Google Chrome available on Chrome store. After you have successfully installed the app on your browser, you are set to share. When you share using this browser, a dialog box appears which asks for your permission to share the same on Facebook, Twitter or any other site. Hit the Facebook icon. It will open up a tab with your Facebook account and your post. You just need to hit share.

This may not be accepted by many as a sharing method. It is similar to you yourself performing a copy paste post on both the sites. And for using this method you do need to use only and only Google Chrome.

3. Using easy and popular app, Agent G.

It is a Google+ app. You need to visit You will find options to sign in with Facebook account. When you are logged in an authentication code will be given to you. Now just send this code to Agent G on Google+. Your accounts are connected using Agent G. Next time you share just add Agent G to share list and it will upload on your behalf.

It is a simple and logical method. But it is not at its full usable form. You cannot post photos, videos and any other media. It will simply be skipped but still keeping the rest of the post intact.

Save your time and share what you want with any site using just one. Choose the one that you think can serve best and you are ready to go.

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This article is written by Austin Richard. He is 220-801 exam certified and now getting prepared for 220-802 exam. He likes to write on different matters in free time.

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