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Business intelligence is a crucial concept and functionality for any business to succeed. It will typically involve the delivery and integration of valuable business information related to your organization. Organizations require business intelligence for detecting major events and for identifying and monitoring business trends for adapting quickly to the ever-changing environments. Embracing effective business intelligence solutions within your organization can help in improving your decision-making processes across all levels of management. The Office 365 Trial Free solutions can provide you the ultimate tools to help improve your overall strategic management processes.

Power BI is one of the leading cloud-based business analytics services. It will help you and your teams in analyzing and understanding data easily and quickly with the help of easy-to-understand visualizations. It has multiple, interactive dashboards and reports that can help in turning monotonous data into something more interesting and useful. Power BI from O365CloudExperts can be used on different types of devices including mobile devices with the help of apps. It doesn’t matter what operating system your employees may be using – iOS, Android or Windows, everyone can access reports as and when needed.

Powerful Data Visualization Features

The cloud-based business intelligence solution provides you with powerful PowerBI Visualization features. The dashboards can have one or more tiles, with each one displaying a single visualization which can be developed from the data within one of the datasets. A single dashboard is capable of displaying visualizations from several datasets. You can create customized dashboards within Power BI allowing you to understand data reports with the help of drag-and-drop and natural language within minutes. Your employees will be able to instantly get visual answers to the most pressing demands, without concern they are in the office or on the field.

Power BI allows you to see data in new and better perspective to improve their usefulness and effectiveness. You will be able to see data visually on drag-and-drop canvas which is free form and supported by a variety of modern data visualizations. It can be combined with an extremely easy to use report authorizing system.

Creating Highly Interactive Reports

You can create highly interactive reports within Power BI. Reports can also be imported with shared dashboards. It can also be created whenever your employees connect to datasets within the following:

  • Power BI Desktop
  • Excel
  • Databases
  • Content packs
  • SaaS applications

One of the most stunning features of Power BI is that it allows you and your employees it share their dashboards with others. Dashboards can be created for groups and shared with users outside the groups. You can also create content packs and publish to a specific list of authorized employees or groups, or to the entire organization.

Where to Buy PowerBI from

When it comes to buying Power BI, it will be best to purchase from a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like Apps4Rent. There are clear reasons for buying the cloud-based business intelligence solution from this Tier-1 Microsoft Office 365 Partner instead of directly from Microsoft even though the Power BI Pricing will be the same. When you buy from Microsoft you will get very limited support and only for a few select ‘official’ list of issues. However, Apps4Rent provides you 24x7x365 support from smooth migration to onboarding to deployment to testing and everything in between. They also help ensure that your data is fully secured. Even after migration, their technical is available round the clock via phone, email and live chat.

When you purchase the Office 365 business intelligence solution from Apps4Rent, you are getting much more than the product. There is no limitation to the end-user support provided. You will have access to dedicated team of Microsoft-certified experts 24×7 to ensure that your team always remains on top of key business intelligence to take the right decision every time.


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