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Why You Should Buy Australian Standard Plastic Pallets

When handling objects that are not only heavy but fragile, it is often said that in order to achieve peace of mind, the individual or company should always go for Australian Standard plastic pallets. The reasoning is simple; these pallets would have been  guaranteed effective when transporting heavy objects on them and during warehouse racking. There’s simply too many benefits that you stand to lose if you do not opt for an Australian Standard plastic pallet.

What else is there with these Australian Standard Plastic Pallets?

To put it simply, all plastic pallets certified by the Australian Standard will be in the same standard size that is guaranteed to be compatible with all of the racking systems you have in your warehouse that are also of certified Australian Standard. You will not have to face the surprise of having a pallet that is either too big or too small for your warehouse which can become quite a big problem if it were to occur.

All Australian Standard plastic pallets are made to accommodate easy stacking for easier transport in trucks or containers. You can easily stack up to 6 of them together which also helps to ease their packaging should you ever find the need to have them transported for use somewhere else, perhaps at the customer’s site or at another plant.

As the Australian Standard is the national standard, you will find these pallets readily available at all major cities in Australia which means that should you ever need more pallets and you are currently residing in one of the major cities of Australia, such as Brisbane or Melbourne, then chances are your purchasing office will have them in stock and ready to be shipped to you. This eases the search for new pallets tremendously and you will not have to resort to third party importers to get more of them.

Options Available

While not entirely vital, these Australian Standard plastic pallets are available in a variety of colors, typically black and grey but the real flexibility comes by allowing you to choose the sort of material composition that you think would be best suited for your needs. You can opt to go for the plastic only or steel reinforced structure of the pallet which gives it a little more ‘oomph’ in terms of strength and durability. Although keep in mind when you steer away from the standard options you must order in large quantities.

It is also worth noting that all pallets with the Australian Standard system are environmentally friendly, as they can be completely recycled when no longer needed or when a replacement is due. They are also tremendously easy to clean, steamed and scrubbed to remove all unwanted spills, marks, debris that may still be on it.


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